China News Service, Beijing, February 23. On February 23, the Chinese government assisted Kiribati with 500 oximeters, 5 monitors, 5 syringe pumps, 4 electrocardiographs, 2 color Doppler systems and a large number of masks and protective equipment. The anti-epidemic supplies and other anti-epidemic materials arrived in Tarawa, the capital of Kiev.

Previously, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province urgently raised 2.9 tons of anti-epidemic materials such as masks and protective clothing donated to Kiribati, which were shipped by cargo ship on January 30 and are expected to arrive in mid-March.

  Entering 2022, a new wave of epidemics broke out in many Pacific island countries, especially Kiribati and other island countries with "zero confirmed diagnoses" have "broken defenses".

A total of 2,833 new cases have been confirmed in Kiribati, 5,790 in Solomon Islands, 233 in Tonga, and 31 in Samoa.

Relevant experts said that due to the limitations of island countries' testing capabilities, traffic conditions and vaccination rates, the actual number of newly infected people is very likely to be higher.

  In the face of the difficult situation, China has stood up and quickly responded to the request of the relevant Pacific island countries to provide them with vaccines, testing reagents, masks and other anti-epidemic materials.

In addition to assisting Kiribati, on January 26, a chartered plane loaded with Chinese aid arrived in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, including 50,000 doses of new crown vaccine, 20,000 doses of testing reagents and 60,000 doses of emergency supplies to the Solomon Islands. Only medical masks and other anti-epidemic materials.

On February 18, a Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport plane arrived in the Solomon Islands and sent anti-epidemic materials with a total weight of more than 20 tons, including 320,000 test reagents, 20 oxygen generators, 20 oximeters, 180,000 Pair of gloves, 20,000 goggles, 10,000 protective suits, 100 folding beds and 70 tents.

On February 21, 240,000 new coronavirus testing kits were assisted in Samoa and departed from Guangzhou on a commercial cargo flight, which is expected to arrive around February 27.

China's relief supplies to Tonga arrived in Tonga by Yun-20 plane.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  In fact, in the process of responding to emergencies in Pacific island countries, China's helping hand can be seen every time.

At the end of November last year, large-scale anti-government riots occurred in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, and a large number of facilities, including Chinatown, were burned and looted.

China urgently provided multiple batches of police material assistance to the institute and dispatched a police advisory team to fully assist the government in maintaining stability and ending violence and restoring social development.

On January 15 this year, Tonga was hit by a volcanic tsunami. According to the assessment of the World Bank and the International Fund for Disaster Reduction and Post-Disaster Reduction, the direct economic loss reached 90.4 million US dollars, which is close to one-fifth of Tonga's annual GDP.

In this regard, China has fully demonstrated "China's speed", becoming the first country in the world to provide emergency supplies to Tonga, and has provided Tongji with mobile board houses, tractors, generators, pumps, water purifiers, More than 1,400 tons of disaster relief materials including emergency food and epidemic prevention materials.

  China not only solves the "urgent need", but also considers "teaching people how to fish" in the long run.

Among them, more than 110 bulldozers, trucks, excavators and other equipment assisted by China to Tonga arrived at the same time along with the relief materials, which effectively helped Tonga to speed up the post-disaster reconstruction process and promote infrastructure construction and social and economic development.

  China has practiced the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions, and has been praised by the leaders of Pacific island countries. They all said that China's relevant actions are fast and powerful, which reflects the deep friendship for the people of the island countries. The positive signal of providing support and assistance has further enhanced the confidence of the island countries in developing relations with China.

Tongan Prime Minister Sovalaini led a number of cabinet ministers to welcome the relief supplies from the Chinese government in the rain. Reliable good partner.

Many local people also went to the Chinese embassy to express their thanks, saying that China is a true friend.

Many Western media also have to admit that China's emergency assistance to island countries fully demonstrates the responsibility of a major country.