▲ Waterloo Station in London, England

From today, the duty to wear a mask on the subways and buses in London, England will be lifted.

London Transport has announced that it will abolish the duty to wear a mask in line with the UK's policy to lift COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Transport London said the decision was made based on data showing lower rates of COVID-19 infection in the London area.

Transport London, however, added that it strongly recommends wearing a mask.

England's mask obligation was already lifted last month, but Transport London has maintained its own rules prohibiting use of masks unless they are worn.

From October 30 last year to January 25 this year, 57,000 people were blocked from riding public transport in London because they did not wear a mask.

However, you cannot be fined for not wearing a mask, and there were many cases where you did not actually wear a mask.

The use of public transport in London is increasing, and last week, compared to before Corona 19, the subway increased to 60% and the bus to 75%.

In England, from the 24th, all quarantine regulations such as self-quarantine for corona19 confirmed will be removed.

In Scotland, vaccine passports will be removed from next week and other legal obligations such as wearing a mask will be abolished from March 21st.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)