Former President Trump's company, whose account has been suspended following the invasion of the US Congress last January, has launched a new social media.

However, it is unclear whether it will lead to strengthening the transmission power because there are a series of troubles related to registration procedures immediately after the release.

A company associated with former US President Trump has launched a new social media, Truth Social, which has been launched this week.

In January last year, major social media companies such as Twitter have suspended their accounts one after another, saying that Mr. Trump could cause further violence in response to the invasion incident in the federal parliament.

For this reason, Mr. Trump and others insist that "create social media that is not censored", and the newly launched social media is described as "a platform freed from political discrimination."

In the social media category of "App Store" operated by Apple, the number of downloads is the highest as of 22nd, and it is attracting a lot of interest.

However, there are many reports of troubles on the Internet such as the registration procedure cannot be completed immediately after the release, and it is unclear whether it will lead to strengthening Mr. Trump's transmission power as an alternative to Twitter.