• Child abuse The Catholic Church will submit to an external audit

  • Religion The Church on fire: how machismo, sexual abuse and the lack of vocations have put it in danger of extinction

An investigation "without mental or professional limits" and that reaches "to the end" on the magnitude of

sexual abuse

committed by representatives of the


in Spain.

That is what the law firm hired by the

Spanish Episcopal Conference

(CEE) has just promised to audit, investigate and "correct a systemic power struggle, that of adults over minors and that of the Church over its subjects".

Javier Cremades

, president of the

Cremades&Calvo Sotelo

law firm, has said so

, the firm chosen by the Spanish Church to carry out an independent investigation.

Cremades, a member of

Opus Dei

, has clarified that he will work "as a lawyer and not as a Catholic" in an investigation that will last at least 12 months and that will include contacts with the victims, with institutions such as the


possible commissions parliamentary organizations that develop and with a fundamental scope: the ecclesiastical dioceses, some of which have offices where complaints are received, and the religious orders, which are not under the command of the EEC.

And all this has been said by Cremades sitting next to the president of the Episcopal Conference, Cardinal

Juan José Omella

, less concrete than the lawyer but given over to public confession and a certain vindication: "We apologize for the abuses committed, the pain that hurts us The victims have suffered and continue to suffer and we are also hurt by the abuses committed in other institutions whose cases must also be investigated".

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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