China News Service, February 21. According to the US "World Daily" report, the "24th New York Spring Festival Love Parade Cultural Festival" held by the American Prosperous Chinatown Association returned on the 20th, and the parade including 20 floats attracted many people. Thousands of people of all ethnic groups gathered to watch.

New York State dignitaries gathered to denounce Asian hate crimes and promote the revitalization of Chinatown.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, last year's Chinese New Year Love Parade was forced to cancel.

The organizer said that after two years of the epidemic, anti-Asian hate crimes, etc., the community needs activities with positive energy to drive the economy and inspire people.

  Facing the impact of the epidemic on Chinatown, elected officials at all levels showed their support, including Senator Chuck Schumer, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, State Attorney General Letitia James, Mayor Adams (Eric Adams), State Representative Niu Yulin, etc.

  Hochuer used to be the lieutenant governor and participated in the Chinatown Chinese New Year Parade every year.

She said "Happy New Year" to the people in Chinese, "Seeing such a dynamic crowd makes me feel that New York State, like this year's zodiac tiger, has the courage, perseverance and can always fight back; Gathered here, but the epidemic has done a lot of damage here... but we are back; New York State will invest $10 million in the Asian American community to provide community services such as mental health to help communities recover from the epidemic."

  Schumer said that this year is his natal year, and he himself wore socks celebrating the Year of the Tiger to participate in the parade.

"The Asian American community is one of the greatest in America, and we oppose any hate attack against Asian Americans, and as Senate Majority Leader, we are pushing for legislation in the Senate to ensure that suspects of Asian hate crimes are prosecuted," he said. At the same time, we also hope to revise immigration laws to make it easier for more Chinese Americans to settle in New York, and the more Chinese Americans, the better New York will be.”

  Adams attended in a Tang suit. He said, "This year is the Year of the Tiger, and we will recover with a tiger roaring attitude; the Chinatown community has been severely damaged by the epidemic, small businesses have fallen, and there are Asian hate crimes. Many lack support; we will truly support the Asian American community, fight violent crime, and stand united." (And Zhaoyu)