China Overseas Chinese Network, February 21. According to a report from the American Hualian News Agency, the Beijing Winter Olympics has been one of the hot topics of concern and heated discussion among overseas Chinese in Southern California.

At the close of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the good news that China won 9 gold medals and entered the top three in the gold medal list made everyone excited and proud of their ancestral country becoming a "big country of ice and snow".

Overseas Chinese sincerely congratulate the Beijing Winter Olympics for its complete success.

  Cai Chenghua, president of the Southern California Chinese and Overseas Chinese Federation, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics had a grand opening and a successful conclusion; Chinese ice and snow athletes have achieved very good results, and athletes from all over the world have also shined brightly, realizing their dreams of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Olympic torch relay is relayed, and the Olympic spirit is radiant.

This is not just a high-level sports event, it is the unprecedented solidarity and cooperation that the world has shown during the fight against the epidemic, and it is a glorious moment for athletes with dreams around the world to realize their dreams.

  Shao Wen, president of the Chinese Association of Southern California, said that the Beijing Winter Olympics, which attracted worldwide attention, came to a successful conclusion. The Chinese team achieved its best record in a single Winter Olympics with 9 golds, 4 silvers, 2 bronzes and 15 medals. For the first time, it was among the top three in the gold medal list, which made the vast number of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese rejoiced.

The Chinese government and people have overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, and cooperated with all countries in the world to successfully complete this wonderful Beijing Winter Olympics, reflecting the Olympic spirit.

  Li Hong, chairman of the Beijing Federation of the United States, said that Beijing as the city of "Double Olympics" is something that all Chinese and all Beijingers are very proud of. Whether it is the 2008 Olympics or the 2022 Winter Olympics, she voluntarily volunteered for Beijing With the help of the Olympic and Winter Olympics, she has spared no effort to promote this sporting event to be held in her hometown of Beijing.

If it weren't for the epidemic, she thought she would definitely fly back. This is her true voice as a Beijing girl overseas.

How to let the world understand China, how to better communicate between China and the world, and how to tell Chinese stories well?

In her opinion, hosting a large-scale international event like the Beijing Winter Olympics is the best way.

  Wang Jianmei, Honorary President of the Southern California Chinese Federation, sincerely congratulates the Beijing Winter Olympics on a complete success.

For the Beijing Winter Olympics, he believes that there are multiple significant meanings and characteristics as follows: China has gradually become a "sports power" from the "zero breakthrough" of the Olympic Games, and then rises into a "ice and snow power"; the Beijing Winter Olympics will make the world's different races , People from different countries come together to bridge differences and challenge the limits of human ice and snow sports. This is the "Olympic spirit"; the Beijing Winter Olympics, through the splendid and perfectly performed opening and closing ceremonies, as well as sports venues and living quarters, makes It is admirable for the world to see that China's comprehensive national strength has greatly improved.

  According to Lin Guang of the Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, this Winter Olympics is not only a sports event, but also a grand event to showcase Chinese traditional culture and technological achievements.

With a strong Chinese style and stunning oriental beauty, media from all over the world praise the perfect combination of nature and humanity.

  Xu Xiaofeng, president of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, said that after watching many contestants, he was excited again and again. The performance of each contestant was a classic that was carefully polished, and it was a perfect embodiment of the spirit of struggle and cooperation.

  Zhuang Peiyuan, chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles (Luo province), said that winning or losing in sports competitions is not the primary element, but sportsmanship is more important.

China's performance today makes the Chinese feel proud and proud of China.

  Lin Xu, chairman of the US-China Cultural Exchange Association Foundation, said that in order to celebrate the Winter Olympics, they specially built a party to celebrate the Beijing Winter Olympics. The sketches and other programs all mentioned the Beijing Winter Olympics.

It should be said that they made every effort to build a party to welcome the Winter Olympics, and used their practical actions to cheer and cheer for the Winter Olympics.

  Lin Lianlian, president of the American Association of Professors and Experts, said that from the romantic opening to the successful conclusion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, this sports feast is a perfect combination of humanity, artistry, technology and environmental protection. The most direct feeling it gave her was that Shocked, amazed, inspired and hopeful.

From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, the narrative story that connects the previous and the next shows the broad and profound Chinese civilization, reflects the Olympic spirit shared by all mankind, and deeply moved and shocked the Chinese people.

Overseas Chinese sincerely congratulate the Beijing Winter Olympics for its complete success.