When it comes to breast cancer, most men think that this disease is a "patent" of women and has nothing to do with them.

But the truth is, not only do men get breast cancer, but the death rate is much higher than women!

On the 20th, Zhenjiang Jiangda Affiliated Hospital (also known as Zhenjiang Jiangbin Hospital) introduced that a 62-year-old male breast cancer patient was recently admitted to the Department of Nail and Breast Surgery of the hospital.

Fortunately, after surgery and other symptomatic treatment, the patient has recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

  Correspondent Sun HuiYangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Wan Lingyun

  Sixty-year-old uncle touched breast lump in bath

  Earlier, 62-year-old Mr. Tan (pseudonym) inadvertently felt a hard lump the size of a pigeon egg on his left breast while taking a bath.

He quickly ran to the mirror and carefully observed his breasts, and found that compared with the flat breast on the right, the left breast was significantly larger, and his mood suddenly became tense.

  Mr. Tan rushed to the nearest hospital to do an ultrasound examination, which showed a hypoechoic mass (less regular shape) on the upper right side of the nipple.

Under the doctor's suggestion, he came to the Department of Nail and Breast Surgery of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangda for further diagnosis and treatment.

Soon, the results of the needle biopsy showed that there were many cancer cells in the smear submitted for examination, which made it clear that the mass was a malignant tumor.

Dr. Zhao Zhihong, director of the Department of Nail and Breast Surgery, led the team to perform unilateral modified radical mastectomy, and the pathological diagnosis was invasive micropapillary carcinoma.

Because of the early detection, Mr. Tan's condition is still in the early stage, and the prognosis is relatively good.

After the operation, Mr. Tan received systemic treatment such as chemotherapy and has recovered and discharged from the hospital.

  Breast cancer mortality in men is 19% higher than in women

  Director Zhao Zhihong explained that the reason why the awareness rate of male breast cancer is low is that its incidence is much lower than that of women.

According to statistics, men account for about 1% of breast cancer cases, that is, 1 in 100 breast cancer patients. The number of male breast cancer patients admitted to Jiangda Affiliated Hospital every year is about 6-10.

  Such a low incidence rate, is it not worthy of attention by men?

Do not!

According to statistics, compared with women, the mortality rate of male breast cancer patients is about 19% higher.

"Many men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle and late stages, and even the cancer cells have metastasized to other organs." Director Zhao said that many men don't pay attention to their breast health at all, and even go to the skin as soon as they feel a lump Department or other specialist diagnosis and treatment.

"It is precisely because of the blind spot in the early prevention and treatment of breast cancer that men have a lower survival rate than women."

  The cause of male breast cancer is not very clear, but clinically, genetics, obesity, alcoholism, exposure to radioactive substances, and oral hormone drugs are the main causes of male breast cancer.

  Early screening of breast cancer is not only for women, but also important for men.

Beyonce's father, an American singer, has disclosed his breast cancer condition, calling on men to participate in early screening of various breast cancers as soon as possible.

  How to effectively prevent male breast cancer?

Director Zhao put forward the following four suggestions: 1. Pay attention to breast self-examination and hospital physical examination; 2. Eat scientifically, try not to eat high-estrogen-containing foods and health products, and eat less high-fat foods; 3. Maintain regular exercise habits , Scientific fitness, when exercising, do not use beating to exercise the pectoralis major; 4. Maintain good living habits.