The spring breeze is mellow, and the fertile fields are revived.

In the Yellow River Delta Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone in Dongying City, Shandong Province, unmanned agricultural machinery "da-da" travels and ploughshares turn the soil.

  On October 21 last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping came here to investigate and investigate the growth of soybean, alfalfa, quinoa and green manure crops.

The general secretary walked into the field, bent down and picked a bean pod, peeled off a soybean, and chewed it in his mouth: "The beans are growing very well."

  The country is based on agriculture, and the people are based on food.

Grain has been harvested year after year, and new issues have come one after another: bid farewell to the trouble of "not enough to eat", and encounter structural problems. Periodic oversupply and undersupply coexist.

How to resolve the structural contradictions on the supply side of rice, wheat, corn, soybeans?

  General Secretary Xi Jinping took the pulse: "The Chinese people's rice bowls must be firmly in their own hands at all times, and the rice bowls mainly contain Chinese grains." Guaranteeing yield" "We must adjust the structure on the spot, expand soybean and oil crops, and see testable results."

  Every grain of rice and grains embodies the general secretary's profound "three rural" feelings, and is full of deep concern for China's rice bowl.

  Keep in mind the entrustment, and live up to the spring.

A set of agricultural machinery is running, and ridges and ridges of fine seeds are sown.

All regions and departments focus on the market to adjust structure and varieties, eliminate ineffective supply, increase effective supply, and expand high-end supply.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs proposed to ensure summer grains, stabilize the whole year, expand soybeans and increase oil crops, and ensure that the sown area of ​​grains will remain stable at 1.76 billion mu this year.

Adjust the varieties to ensure that they can be produced and supplied when needed

  The stable production and supply of grain is not only a matter of total quantity, but also of structure.

  Songliao Plain is the "Golden Corn Belt" and the "Hometown of Soybeans".

The spring breeze blows the black earth.

  On July 22, 2020, in the core demonstration area of ​​the national standardization production base of one million mu of green food raw materials (corn) in Lishu County, Jilin Province, General Secretary Xi Jinping leaned on a railing and overlooked the corn field with endless green waves.

"I saw rice in Jiansanjiang, Heilongjiang the year before, and this time I will come to see corn." General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about the original intention of the trip.

  "When we talk about food security now, it's actually food security";

  "On the basis of ensuring national food security, efforts should be made to optimize the structure of industrial products";

  "To ensure food security, the key is to ensure food production capacity, to ensure that it can be produced and supplied when needed";


  After repeated investigations and important speeches, the adjustment path of the grain structure has become clearer.

  Stabilize grain and ensure supply, and keep "rice bags" bulging.

  With the goal of "stabilizing food rations and corn," all localities have made every effort to strengthen field management and protection.

The agricultural and rural departments strengthened the promotion of late-planting wheat, expanded the area of ​​spring wheat, and steadily expanded the area of ​​early rice, and took multiple measures to ensure that the grain output continued to remain above 1.3 trillion kilograms.

  Tap the potential to expand the area, so that there are more varieties in short supply.

  Realize the expansion of soybean oil.

All localities have prepared enough agricultural materials such as seeds and chemical fertilizers, strengthened agro-technical and agronomic guidance, and continuously improved the quality and efficiency of the agricultural supply system.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs proposed that the area of ​​soybean oil crops should resume to increase this year.

  The composite planting of soybean and corn strips is an innovative move. This year, it will support the addition of more than 15 million mu in the northwest, Huanghuaihai, southwest and middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Continue to promote winter rapeseed, spring rapeseed, peanut, sunflower, sesame and other oil varieties.

Optimizing quality to achieve the unification of food security and modern and efficient agriculture

  On the supply side, the deep-seated contradictions faced by grain production are being resolved.

  At the Daoyu Space Rural Ecological Tourist Park in Helan County, Ningxia, General Secretary Xi Jinping nodded in approval: "There are not only 'first production', but also 'secondary production' and 'third production', the efficiency of water resources utilization has been improved, and the added value has also increased. already."

  At the Sanjiang Administration Bureau of Agricultural Reclamation and Construction in Heilongjiang, there are a variety of agricultural products such as rice, oil and soybean milk produced there.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the direction for deepening the structural reform of the grain supply side: "To ensure food security, it is necessary to speed up the transformation of agricultural development methods and promote agricultural modernization. Improve the accuracy of policies." "Give full play to our own advantages, seize the core competitiveness of grain, extend the grain industry chain, enhance the value chain, build a supply chain, continuously improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture, and achieve food security and modern and efficient agriculture. unify."

  A field of "addition and subtraction" became the main theme of spring ploughing.

  Production is green, and the "tip of the tongue" is safer.

  Food production is shifting towards green and efficient.

As of last year, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has experienced negative growth for five consecutive years, and the overall pass rate for quality and safety monitoring of agricultural products has reached 97.6%.

This year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs proposed that it will continue to do a good job in reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and increasing their efficiency.

  The quality is excellent, and the field is connected to the workshop.

  The "big granary" is connected to the "big kitchen" to plant high-quality grains and effectively support the high-quality life of the masses.

The high-quality grain project has been implemented in depth. Up to now, 236 "China's Good Grain and Oil" products have been selected, directly driving the increase of more than 50 million tons of high-quality grain.

  Brighter brands and longer value chains.

  More and more high-quality grain and oil brands have entered the dining table of residents to meet diversified and personalized consumer needs.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, a group of leading grain enterprises with main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan and well-known grain and oil brands with market competitiveness will be formed, and the increase in high-quality grain will increase by more than 10% annually.

  The fields take on a new look.

All localities adhere to the main line of agricultural supply-side structural reform, promote agriculture from production-oriented to quality-oriented, improve agricultural innovation, competitiveness, and total factor productivity, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system.

Adjust the system so that grain farmers do not suffer economically

  When adjusting the structure, the interests of farmers cannot be reduced.

  "Food security is an important foundation for national security. It is necessary to innovate grain production and operation models, optimize production technical measures, implement various support policies, protect farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain, and focus on improving grain production efficiency";

  "To realize farmers' production of grain and increase their income go hand in hand, so that grain farmers will not suffer economically, and large grain-growing counties will not suffer financially";

  "To develop rural industries, we must highlight the dominant position of farmers, and always put the protection of farmers' interests first";


  Every sentence is full of the sincere friendship of the general secretary to the peasant masses.

Good policies continue to be implemented in the fields, making grain farmers more ambitious.

  ——Policies are strengthened, and the heart of food and agriculture is underpinned.

  Precise subsidies, technical guidance, opening up sales channels... "Combination punches" have been introduced in various places, so that farmers have stable expectations.

This year, the agricultural and rural departments will coordinate the implementation of corn and soybean producer subsidies and rice subsidies, and expand the rotation of arable land; an expert guidance group for soybean oil production capacity improvement projects has been established;

  ——High quality and good price, and the motivation to grow grain.

  High quality and high price, activate farmers' enthusiasm for "tuning".

Grain price formation mechanism has been gradually improved, and various regions and departments have actively cultivated diversified market entities to enter the market for purchase, deepened production and sales cooperation, promoted order purchases, and created a "big market and large circulation" pattern.

  ——The "leader" takes the lead and leads the farmers to make money.

  More and more "field nanny" are emerging, leading farmers to work and earn money, and provide professional social services through food orders, land trusteeship, land transfer, etc., and integrate small farmers into the modern grain industry.

At present, there are 2.23 million farmer cooperatives legally registered across the country, driving nearly half of the country's farm households, and more than 950,000 various agricultural social service organizations.

  Following the footsteps of spring and riding the warm east wind, spring ploughing was carried out in an orderly manner from south to north.

We must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, go all out to seize the time for farming, make solid adjustments to the structure, and make new and greater contributions to stabilizing China's rice bowl!

  (Reporters Wang Hao, Chang Qin, Zhu Dawei, Li Rui)