Louise Sallé 06h21, February 19, 2022

This is the hidden phase of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. The town of Saint-Denis, which is being transformed to accommodate the athletes' village, is building a motorway interchange just around a school group.

700 kindergarten and primary school students prepare to study on the side of a four-lane road.

The city of Saint-Denis is transformed to host the Olympic Games athletes' village.

At the heart of the program: a motorway interchange under construction around a school.

In total, 700 students are at risk of being exposed to air and noise pollution, which worries parents.

"At the level of the entrance to the nursery school, there will be four traffic lanes and at the level of the classes and the small courtyard which is a little further, there will be six lanes", advances Cécile Ouidir, mother of two students from the Carrefour Pleyel school group in Saint-Denis.

These children "will suffer"

This school will be surrounded, by 2024, by a motorway interchange.

A project pinned even by Unicef.

"I know a mother who left the neighborhood because her son had too many asthma attacks and since he moved, things are much better," she says.

"And the children who will be educated there later, they will suffer, they will have no choice. It's not fair. We cannot leave the children in this situation."


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The air quality is therefore already very poor.

The Airparif organization, of which Karine Léger is director, unveiled its statements this Wednesday to local residents.

“We have regulations which are French and European regulations and for which we have chronic overruns in Ile de France and in particular along the main traffic axes and therefore, unsurprisingly, in the Pleyel crossroads and near the main axes. roads," she says.

The town hall is justified by the fact that the vehicles which will circulate in the future in the agglomeration will be cleaner and that a green wall, as well as an "oasis" playground should "mitigate" the pollution near the school .