After the "Netflix" network exposed him in the documentary "The Tinder Swindler" and revealed his crimes that he committed over the years, Israeli Shimon Yehuda - who identifies himself as Simon Leviev - is trying to use the fame he gained from the spread of the film to gain more of money and improve his image.

Following the publication of the documentary, dating applications deleted Hewitt’s accounts and banned him from entering permanently, and he deleted his account on “Instagram” and disappeared from view, and he did not show any kind of remorse or offer any apologies for what he did to dozens of European women, and even hit the suffering of his victims. the wall, and reappeared on the scene;

Trying to take advantage of the unexpected fame that he gained, to raise more money through the platforms of celebrities and the entertainment content industry.

trickster giving advice

ET revealed that Hewitt is trying to enter the world of entertainment and Hollywood, as he has hired business director specializing in talent management, Gina Rodriguez, who works with many reality TV stars, and is now looking to produce a podcast ( podcasts) discussing and giving advice on what to do or not do on dates, running a dating show where women “compete for his love,” or publishing his own book.

Commenting on her contract with the fraud, Rodriguez said, "The documentary fascinated me, and I saw in it the greatest salesman in the world, but it left a lot of questions unanswered, and he was very biased, and I think there are two sides to every novel, and everyone should have the opportunity to tell their side of the story." ".

the heroes of The Tinder Swindler

— Netflix (@netflix) February 8, 2022

To continue exploiting his bad reputation, Hewitt joined the “Cameo” platform a few days ago, through which the public can pay celebrities to record a video clip in which they say what people ask for, and a “tender scammer” asks for a fee of $300 for recording a video with a personal message. and $1,400 for clips that will be used commercially.

Cecily Filhoy, one of Hewitt's victims who appeared in the documentary, said that she contacted him after the film was published, and said to him sarcastically, "I understand why you are now having so many meetings with your lawyer." In turn, he replied, "I see and know everything...You made me your lies a star".

get away with it

The documentary "Tender Tender" achieved great success, became the most watched in 94 countries around the world, and recorded nearly 65 million hours of viewing, as it revealed how Hewitt defrauded dozens of women he met through the dating application "Tender" After they fell in love with him, he defrauded them and left them mired in debt.

This is what it feels like when a con artist woos you.

The Tinder Swindler is now on Netflix.

— Netflix (@netflix) February 2, 2022

In addition to the fraud crimes, a "trickster" used false names and identities to escape from his victims and avoid being caught, but he was finally arrested by Interpol in 2019, while using a forged passport in Greece, after one of his victims managed in a very clever way to tempt it.

Indeed, the police - in turn - handed him over to Israel, and after he was sentenced to 15 months in prison, the Israeli authorities released Hewitt after only 5 months, and he managed to get away with his crimes, and completed - through social media - filming his fake life in which he claims that he is a wealthy young man living luxury life and dating women and models.

After receiving sympathy from around the world, the women who recounted their suffering in the documentary - Cecily, Pernilla Shoholm and Allen Charlotte - began a campaign to raise funds to help them pay their debts, and the campaign raised nearly $ 200 thousand, out of 600 thousand.

And while the producers of the documentary believe that a “trickster” stole about $ 10 million from his victims, he is not the only one who gets money in this way, as the US Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that Americans lost more than a billion dollars in 2021 alone due to “scams.” Romance”, the majority of whom are women over the age of forty, widows, divorced women, the elderly and those with special needs, according to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”.