#Gaddafi appears in a modern and bewildering photo... sitting on his knees in the desert!


During the past hours, a new picture of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, kneeling in the desert, spread in his latest appearance so far, and Libyan activists transmitted it on the communication sites, commenting on it with many questions about its location, meaning and the circumstance that accompanied its capture, while sources confirmed to Al-Arabiya.net. Her health, indicating that she is back for more than a week.

Gaddafi, the candidate for the presidential elections in Libya, had issued a statement at the end of last January, which included a political initiative to resolve what he described as "the political impasse in the country."

The statement at the time indicated that this initiative "aims to get out of the situation to which the conflicting parties' political and military differences have brought us in a way that has harmed the country and its people, squandered its wealth and threatens its national unity."

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has disappeared since his appearance in the southern city of Sebha, on the day he submitted his candidacy papers for the presidential elections in November of last year, a move that sparked widespread controversy and prompted the Electoral Commission to exclude him from the initial list of candidates, before the Sebha court ruled that his name be included in the lists. The final election of presidential candidates in Libya, which could not be held due to legal disputes over the eligibility of candidates and political tensions between the competing camps.

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