G20 = Following the meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of 20 major countries, the finance ministers of Indonesia, the presidency, are in the process of recovering from the corona disaster, saying that the situation in Ukraine "will influence the outlook for the recovery of the world economy". He expressed concern about the impact on the world economy.

Indonesia's Finance Minister Sri Muryani, who had a press conference after the meeting, did not disclose details of what was discussed about the situation in Ukraine at this G20, which was attended by Western countries and Russia, but said, "Geopolitics. Issues will influence the outlook for the recovery of the global economy. We need to address this issue so as not to interfere with recovery efforts, "he said, raising concerns about the impact on the global economy.

Meanwhile, at the same meeting, Indonesian central bank governor Perry said that the United States and other countries are rushing to tighten monetary policy. We will proceed with normalization, "he said, recognizing that it is necessary to respond to risks such as the outflow of funds from emerging countries.