China News Service, February 18 (Zhang Aolin) On the morning of February 17, in the women's U-shaped field skills competition in freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Canadian player Amy Fraser said "Hello, everyone" Set off a scene craze.

  In fact, there are still many "Frazers" in this Winter Olympics, and learning a few sentences of Chinese has become a popular punch-in skill in the Olympic Village.

On and off the field, the Chinese fever is continuing to heat up...

Players Fancy Boom in Chinese

  Many people may not be familiar with the name Janice Spiteri, but if you hear "Miss Beanbag", it is probably not unfamiliar.

The scene of the snowboarder from Malta eating bean buns between games on the 9th became popular on the Internet.

  Later, she also released a video on her social media account. The content is to learn Henan dialect from the Olympic Village staff.

  When the Finnish brother introduced the door of the Olympic Village room in a video, he said that the door would "automatically speak Chinese", and the introduction probably meant welcome.

As a result, he imitated "unlocked" as "washing the toilet", although "the words are not expressive", but netizens expressed that they felt his enthusiasm for learning Chinese↓

  American snowboarder Tessa Maud shouted "hello" to the volunteers in Chinese at the opening ceremony, and said that the enthusiasm of the volunteers moved her to tears↓

  The Bosnian flag bearer wink (wink) has a Chinese level that can be "exported". In a video, he thanked the enthusiasm of the Chinese audience and said: "I love China"↓

  Not only useful to say, but also useful to write.

  French player Simon Stuart used translation software to search for his Chinese translation in front of a signature board, and the scene of insisting on handwriting his signature in Chinese was ridiculed by netizens, "It will take more than 10 minutes to sign", "I remember you"↓

Many "big coffees" send blessings in Chinese

  In addition to the players in the Winter Olympics, many "big coffees" have also sent blessings to the Beijing Winter Olympics in Chinese.

  On February 4th, Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, sent blessings in Chinese at the opening ceremony: Happy Chinese New Year, good luck in the Year of the Tiger↓

  Before the opening of the Winter Olympics, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo first wished Chinese friends to enjoy the Beijing Winter Olympics, and then congratulated them in Chinese: Happy New Year↓

  The well-known survival challenge reality show host "Bei Ye" (Bell Grylls) wished the athletes participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics good luck, and encouraged in Chinese: never give up↓

  Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zakharova also wished the Beijing Winter Olympics a success in Chinese on the eve of the opening ↓

Netizen: The whole world speaks Chinese

  @shengsheng is not slow at all: it's so cute to study Chinese hard

  @Mageekk: Although not very standard, but I feel full of warmth and friendliness

  @52Hzyuan: Sure enough, it's Olympian Ou. My English is not as good as their Chinese.

  @明新科骨: Welcome to play in China again

  @Susannaha: This is really the whole world speaking Chinese

  @olymmmm: Chinese is getting more and more international

  @Bewitched a wind and rain: The world uses Chinese dialect!

  @Chai Xiaoduo: Chinese is very good!

we all understand

  This is Chinese, this is China.

  The nation is the world's!