Presidential in France: Nicolas Bay takes the plunge and joins Eric Zemmour

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The president of the National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen with Nicolas Bay in June 2021. AFP - SAMEER AL-DOUMY

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After being suspended from his post as spokesperson for Marine Le Pen's campaign for disloyalty, National Rally MEP Nicolas Bay finally took the plunge on Wednesday evening.

He joins the candidacy of Eric Zemmour


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What an incredible surprise... I didn't expect it at all



Marine Le Pen prefers to laugh, but the formalization of Nicolas Bay's rallying to Eric Zemmour in the middle of the LCI channel program dedicated to the RN candidate is one more vexation, reports

Aurélien Devernoix

, from the political service.

For weeks now his far-right opponent has been siphoning off his troops: MP Gilbert Collard, Senator

Stéphane Ravier

and another MEP colleague from Nicolas Bay, Jérôme Rivière.

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Marine Le Pen may minimize this, but it is starting to do a lot and raise the question of the candidate's electoral strategy.

In the columns of the daily



where he announced his rallying, Nicolas Bay does not cut corners: "

the strategy of unity through the ideas of voters Les Républicains and Rassemblement national

" advocated by Eric Zemmour is the only "


and "


" politically.

But he also castigates the mode of operation of the RN and its boss, "

intolerant to the slightest criticism, impervious to the slightest questioning

" and which has led the party to lose two thirds of its workforce in five years.

A start therefore on a bang that Marine Le Pen will have a hard time minimizing this time, while waiting for the coup de grace: the very probable rallying to Eric Zemmour of her own niece,

Marion Maréchal


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