The announcement of his presidential candidacy on November 30, 2021 was an open secret.

Former columnist and polemicist at

Le Figaro

, France 2 and CNews, Eric Zemmour is neck and neck with Marine Le Pen and Valérie Pécresse in the polls.

The far-right candidate has strong rallies, such as the ex-number two of LR Guillaume Peltier and the ex-RN Gilbert Collard, Stéphane Ravier and, just last night, that of the former door- word of Marine Le Pen, Nicolas Bay.

For her part, Marion Maréchal is still hesitating.

On the program side, Eric Zemmour wants to “save France”.

A follower of the “great replacement” theory, the candidate wants, among other things, to put an end to the jus soli and expel all immigrants in an irregular situation.

He advocates the fight against immigration by building a wall at the external borders of the EU.

Eric zemmour also wants to increase the minimum wage by 100 euros, remove the points permit, restore the primary school leaving certificate, ban any new wind turbine project, on land or at sea, or even a "reconquest of the countryside" by a bonus of 10,000 euros for each birth in rural areas.

Eric Zemmour will be the guest of the "Live Presidentiel" TF1- "20 Minutes", Monday February 22 at 6:30 p.m., live on the Instagram accounts @20minutesfrance and @tf1info and on Facebook.

You can ask him your questions in the form below.

We will relay them during the live.


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