China News Service, February 17. According to Malaysia's "Shi Hua Daily" report, at midnight local time on February 10, a shipwreck accident occurred in Tanjung Mani, Malaysia, involving a ship carrying large machinery.

In addition to the 66-year-old captain who was rescued on the morning of the incident, two other crew members are missing.

It is reported that on the second day of the incident, the joint search and rescue team successfully found the first missing person who unfortunately died, and it was confirmed that it was a 61-year-old Chinese crew member surnamed Lin from Sarikei Street.

On February 16, the Tanjung Mani shipwreck in Malaysia entered the seventh day of searching for the missing. The search and rescue operation command center mobilized seven frogmen from the fourth area of ​​the Sarawak Water Rescue Team (PPDA) to participate in the search, but the results were unsuccessful. return.

  Tanjung Mani Fire and Rescue Bureau Chief Wan Bema revealed that the team of seven frogmen team was diving at the site of the shipwreck in Tanjung Mani Padang Shedding waters at 9:38 am on February 16. The last missing 52-year-old crew member was recovered from inside the capsized hull, but nothing new was found.

  Based on the lack of the latest findings, the commander of the search and rescue operation immediately discussed with the representatives of various units involved in the rescue operation, including officials from the Malatuan District Police, Sarikei Marine Police, and the Tanjung Mani River Authority, as well as the families of the missing persons. According to the procedure, the search and rescue operation was officially announced at 3:00 pm on February 16.