French presidential: Marine Le Pen pushes Nicolas Bay to leave, tempted by Éric Zemmour

The president of the National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen with the RN candidate for the regional election in Normandy Nicolas Bay in Nesle-Hodeng, June 7, 2021. AFP - SAMEER AL-DOUMY

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The MEP of the National Rally let a false suspense hang over his choice for the presidential election.

Marine Le Pen has decided to react.


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This time, Marine Le Pen took the lead.

If the MEPs

Jérôme Rivière

and Gilbert Collard left for Éric Zemmour without telling her, if the senator 

Stéphane Ravier

was able to put on the show for several days before slamming the door, for Nicolas Bay, it is she who pushes him towards the exit .

In a message sent to all RN executives on Tuesday, the candidate announces that she is suspending the MEP from all his functions within the National Rally.

She directly accuses him of giving information to Eric Zemmour's camp, behavior "

 immoral, unworthy duplicity 


"Slug Strategy"

A little earlier during a trip, without naming Nicolas Bay, she had already pointed out the high treason of certain elected officials around her.

I would like to ask those operating the slug strategy to please expedite their departure.

Thank you very much.

That's why I call it the slug strategy, not just because the slug is slow, but also because it's sticky.


Marine Le Pen anticipates the probable rallying of Nicolas Bay to Éric Zemmour this week.

On Saturday, the Reconquest candidate is traveling to Normandy, land of choice of the RN MEP. 

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