Afghans hold demonstrations to protest US looting of Afghan assets

  Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, February 15 (Reporter Shi Xiantao) Thousands of people in Kabul staged demonstrations on the 15th to protest against the plundering of Afghan assets by the United States, condemning the US move as an open theft.

  One of the initiators of the demonstrations, Haji Safi, head of the Afghanistan Money Changers Association, said that demonstrations were held in all major cities in Afghanistan that day.

  Demonstrators in Kabul displayed slogans such as "The United States has destroyed Afghanistan" and "The United States should return Afghan assets" during the march.

  The demonstrators issued a statement saying that the U.S. actions violated international law and demanded that U.S. President Joe Biden cancel the relevant executive order and return the frozen Afghan assets.

Demonstrators will continue to protest until the US returns Afghan assets.

  US President Biden signed an executive order on the 11th, planning to use half of the frozen assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan in the United States to compensate the victims of the "9.11" terrorist attack.

Afghanistan and other countries have condemned it.

  Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova said on the 14th that Russia considers the decision of the United States to be absurd.

The relevant military operations in Afghanistan by the United States and its NATO allies have made the current humanitarian situation in Afghanistan very difficult. The United States is actually exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and creating obstacles for the new Afghan government, which is currently trying to restore the normal life of the people.

(Participating reporter: Leo)