Chinanews client, Beijing, February 15 (Peng Ningling) On the 15th, Hong Yu, deputy director of the Second Division of Hazardous Chemical Supervision of the Ministry of Emergency Management, introduced at the press conference that since the fourth quarter of 2021, the Ministry of Emergency Management has actively coordinated relevant ministries and commissions, Organize local emergency management departments to take a series of work measures to strengthen safety supervision.

"The safety production situation of fireworks and firecrackers is generally stable, and no major or above production safety accidents have occurred. During the Spring Festival this year, no production safety accidents have occurred."

On the 15th, the Emergency Management Department held a press conference.

Photo by Peng Ningling

  It is understood that the Ministry of Emergency Management has organized local levels to carry out safety law enforcement inspections during peak seasons that combine enterprise self-inspection, full coverage of emergency management departments, and cross-regional cross-inspection.

  As of the end of January this year, 9,197 fireworks and firecrackers production and wholesale enterprises have been inspected, 28,052 hidden problems have been identified, more than 25,200 rectifications have been completed, with a rectification rate of 90%, 15.625 million yuan has been fined, and more than 140,000 fireworks and firecracker retail outlets have been inspected. , 1,608 business (retail) licenses were revoked or temporarily withheld in accordance with the law, and a fine of 2.204 million yuan was imposed.

  In addition, the Ministry of Emergency Management cooperated with the departments of the Internet, industry and information technology, public security, market supervision and other departments to jointly investigate and deal with illegal activities such as online sales and mailing of fireworks and firecrackers. There are 792 stores with merchants, and 41 illegally delivered fireworks and firecrackers were seized. All relevant online platforms actively blocked and blocked more than 7,000 fireworks and firecrackers-related commodity information.

  In terms of guiding the masses to consciously resist, the Ministry of Emergency Management actively cooperated with the public security and other departments, combined with the special campaign to crack down on illegal and criminal gun bombings, carried out joint law enforcement of fireworks and firecrackers to "fight illegal", announced the reporting number, increased the incentives for reporting, and promoted typical accidents through publicity. Play the role of warning and education in investigating and handling cases, and guide the masses to consciously resist and take the initiative to report relevant illegal acts.

Data map: The police destroyed a gang that illegally sold fireworks and firecrackers.

Photo by China News Agency Jet Li

  "Today is the Lantern Festival, and there will be another wave of fireworks and firecrackers. The emergency management departments in various places will continue to do a good job in the safety supervision of fireworks and firecrackers, and at the same time actively cooperate with the public security department to strengthen the discharge safety supervision." Hong Yu said.

  At the same time, the Department of Emergency Management reminds consumers again that they must go to a regular, legal and reliable fireworks retail store (point) to buy qualified personal fireworks and firecrackers, and set off safely and civilly.

It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers in prohibited areas and time periods.

It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers indoors. When setting off, choose an outdoor open space with a flat and solid ground, and pay attention to the safety distance from surrounding people and buildings.