China News Service, Beijing, February 15th (Ma Shuisha) February 15th is the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and the "2022 Lantern Festival Gala" aired on the night the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew "appeared". Member Wang Yaping gave an opening performance at the space station, playing "Jasmine Flower" with the guzheng, while Zhai Zhigang and Ye Guangfu presented a set of space lantern riddles.

  In the video, Wang Yaping sits suspended, puts the guzheng on his lap, plays a song "Jasmine Flower", and uses a euphemistic and beautiful melody to lead to the first show of the night, the national music chorus "Qi Tianle". The space music blessings and blessings from the Chinese space station The passionate folk music at the party scene was subtly blended together.

Some netizens praised Wang Yaping's performance as "this song should only be found in the sky, and it can be heard several times in the world".

  In fact, this is the first time that a Chinese astronaut has publicly performed a large-scale musical instrument performance in space.

As early as in the interview before Feitian, Wang Yaping revealed that during the flight mission, she brought a relatively large musical instrument, and then she will display the culture of the Chinese nation in the sky.

  Guessing lantern riddles is one of the traditional customs of the Lantern Festival, and Chinese astronauts also sent a set of lantern riddles from the space station.

Zhai Zhigang, who brought a pen, ink, paper and inkstone flying to the sky, splashed ink, wrote the riddle on Zhengdan paper, and sent the space riddles "Baiyun Pengpeng" and "Hanging the Universe" together with Ye Guangfu.

Zhai Zhigang said that the answer to the mystery of the two is the same, that they are both Chinese space stations.

  While sending the Lantern Festival blessings, Zhai Zhigang also represented the flight crew of Shenzhou No. 13, wishing the Olympic athletes of the Beijing Winter Olympics good results, friendship and the best Olympic experience.

Previously, in order to welcome the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang Yaping also used the chemical reaction between different solutions to make an Olympic ring on the space station, encouraging young people to love science and pay attention to the Winter Olympics.

  This year is the first time that Chinese astronauts have spent the Spring Festival in space.

Even though it is far away in space, the Chinese space station is still full of festive flavors, with Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters hanging on them.

On New Year's Eve, Zhai Zhigang also asked the ground staff to send the TV signal to the space station, and watched the Spring Festival Gala with Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu in space. During the viewing interval, Ye Guangfu, dressed in red new clothes, did not forget to take a selfie, while Wang Yaping came to the Spring Festival Gala. Zhang Hepai.