Regarding the third inoculation of the new corona vaccine, Minister Horiuchi announced that 22 million additional vaccines will be delivered to the local government from the end of next month.

This means that we will be able to deliver almost all of the vaccines needed for the third dose.

Regarding the third vaccination, the government plans to deliver 86.2 million vaccines, which is about 84% of the amount required for the subjects, to the local government by early April.

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Horiuchi's vaccination minister said that from late next month to mid-May, an additional 22 million doses of Pfizer's vaccine of 14 million and Moderna's vaccine of 8 million will be delivered. I made it clear.

As a result, the amount of vaccine delivered will be 108.2 million times, including the amount already shown, and it is expected that almost all of the vaccine required for the third vaccination will be delivered.

Minister Horiuchi also announced that 9 million doses of vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 will be additionally delivered from early April.

As a result, the delivery volume of the vaccine for children will be 11.9 million doses, which is about 80% of the subjects, including the amount already shown.

In addition, it was revealed that an additional 2.4 million deliveries could be made for occupational inoculation, and 12 million doses would be secured.