As Russia conducts daily joint military exercises with Belarus, which borders Ukraine, over the ongoing tensions in Ukraine, the U.S. government is wary of Russia's potential for major military action soon. ..

Meanwhile, German Prime Minister Schortz is planning to visit Ukraine and Russia one after another, and there is a continuing movement to seek a diplomatic solution.

The Russian army has deployed a unit of 100,000 people around the border with the eastern part of Ukraine, and has been conducting joint military exercises with the Belarusian army in Belarus, which borders northern Ukraine from 10th this month. ..

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on the 14th, training was conducted to carry out reconnaissance flights under difficult climatic conditions using the fighter "Sukhoi 30".

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden met with Ukraine's President Zelensky on the phone on the 13th, and according to the White House, "If Russia launches an attack on Ukraine, the United States will respond promptly and decisively with allies and friends. It means that he confirmed the policy of "I will respond."

In addition, National Security Adviser Sullivan appeared on CNN TV on the 13th, "If you look at the expansion of the Russian army and the deployment of troops, there is a good chance that a large-scale military action will be taken soon." Showed a strong sense of caution.

In order to strengthen the defense force in Ukraine, the movement of military support is spreading from the member countries of NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, weapons and ammunition arrived from the United States on the 13th, and Stinger missiles arrived from Lithuania. , Movements are intensifying in case of an invasion by Russia.

Under these circumstances, German Prime Minister Schorz is planning to visit Ukraine on the 14th and Russia on the 15th to hold summit meetings, and there are ongoing movements by each country to seek diplomatic solutions.