Western leaders continue to beg Moscow to calm things down in Ukraine.

This Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Vladimir Putin to step back from the “precipice”.

BoJo estimates that the situation is "very very dangerous" and a possible Russian invasion "within the next 48 hours".

“We call on everyone to dialogue (…) to avoid what would be a catastrophic mistake,” he added.

Boris Johnson has decided to cut short a trip to the northwest of England to return to London, "given the current situation", said a spokesperson.

Crisis meeting

After the United Kingdom advised its nationals on Friday to leave Ukraine immediately, the head of diplomacy Liz Truss is due to chair a crisis meeting on Monday afternoon on the consular response to the current situation.

Today I chaired a COBR meeting on the serious Russian threat to Ukraine.

Latest information suggests Russia could invade at any time and we urge the Kremlin to deescalate.

Our focus is on prioritizing the safety and security of British nationals in Ukraine.


— Liz Truss (@trussliz) February 14, 2022

Boris Johnson will himself chair an inter-ministerial crisis meeting on Tuesday after being briefed by the intelligence services, Downing Street said.

He plans to visit mainland Europe again towards the end of the week, to discuss with the leaders of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

“Serious preparations for an invasion”

Boris Johnson has stressed that he will speak with "several leaders, including Joe Biden, very soon".

He called on Westerners to "show a united front" in the current crisis and in particular on Europeans to reduce their dependence on Russian gas by giving up the Nord Stream gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

While Kiev has accused Washington and London of alarmism about the risks of imminent Russian intervention, Boris Johnson assures that "the evidence is very clear": "There are some 130,000 soldiers massed on the Ukrainian border and all sorts of other signs pointing to serious preparations for an invasion”.

“The signs show, as President Biden said, that at least they are planning something that could happen in the next 48 hours,” he added.


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