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The electric scooter, your everyday ally in the city

Simple to use, the electric scooter offers great maneuverability, which is great for getting around town easily.

By opting for the model best suited to your daily trips, you will reach your destination quickly.

Foldable and with a range of 25 to 35 km, it allows you to navigate around town to get to your appointments or to your workplace without getting tired and without having to run.

  • 100 MAX UrbanGlide foldable electric scooter at €299.99:

    this model is equipped with 10“ wheels which ensure better comfort.

    It has a 350 watt motor.

    Its autonomy reaches up to 30 km thanks to its 7.5 Ah battery.

    The maximum speed is 25 km/h.

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  • Surpass Pro Black Edition electric scooter at €214.99:

    particularly economical to buy, the Surpass Pro has a range of 25 km for a weight limited to 12 kg.

    With its 8“ wheels, it folds up easily for more efficiency in order to take advantage of transport combining several modes such as the bus or the metro.

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  • AOVO EW6 M365 Pro electric scooter at €329:

    this scooter offers a great range of up to 35 km thanks to a large 10.5 Ah battery.

    It offers a fine adjustment of the controllable speed from its LCD screen.

    On the safety side, it has disc braking.

    It supports a maximum weight of 120 kg.

    Despite the size of the battery, it is still quite light with a weight of 12 kg.

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Electric bike and balance bike: move around comfortably

In town or in the countryside, there is not always a bus or metro line that takes us where we want to go.

To move easily and comfortably, the electric bike or an electric balance bike provides the comfort of a seated position, and the electric motor considerably reduces fatigue.

  • Surpasss Survaeville Electric Bike Black for €549.99:

    This model has large 26“ wheels and an open frame making it versatile and suitable for all outfits for both men and women.

    It is equipped with a Shimano 6-speed rear derailleur and a disc braking system.

    Its autonomy can reach 40 km, which offers great freedom in use.

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  • Windgoo B3 Black foldable electric balance bike at €409.99:

    more compact than a bicycle, this electric balance bike also offers a seated position like a small scooter.

    Its 250 watt motor allows it to reach a top speed of 20 km/h.

    Its autonomy is 15 to 18 km.

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Until midnight, also benefit from an additional 14€ reduction from 149€ of purchase thanks to the promo code COEURCOEUR.

Electric urban mobility offers more freedom to get to your destination quickly and without getting tired.

With a range of several tens of kilometers and a charging time limited to a few hours, both scooters and electric bikes are ideal for getting around.

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