Kenya Pavilion distributes a quarter of a million flowers on Valentine's Day

"Expo Dubai"..a rose garden and feelings on Valentine's Day


With beautiful feelings and bright roses in all colors, topped with red, the Expo 2020 Dubai was decorated, as the International Exhibition celebrated the occasion of Valentine's Day, spreading an atmosphere of happiness among workers and visitors of all ages, to bring a flower in every hand at the exhibition.

Many pavilions were keen to celebrate Valentine's Day, led by the Kenyan pavilion, which distributed a quarter of a million roses provided by his country, the fourth largest exporter of flowers and ornamental plants in the world, to visitors to Expo Dubai, on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

"Kenya's economy is largely based on agriculture, and Kenya's flower production is estimated at $800 million, but more than 80% of exports are sold at the Netherlands flower auction," said Gus Winder Paddy, director of the pavilion and head of Kenya's Export and Brand Agency.

Therefore, we are now trying to enter the flower market and export our production directly to all countries.

Today, we give our thanks in red with Kenyan roses to prove our identity at Expo 2020 Dubai.”

For her part, CEO of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Carol Kariki, said: "Flowers convey feelings, especially love, but they play a dual role in Kenya, expressing interest and tourism at the same time, and are presented as tourist and souvenir gifts."

"The flowers, with their attractiveness and fragrance, represent a suitable product to promote the country, which is what we seek to achieve in the Gulf countries and the Arab region, and everyone who comes to Kenya as a tourist," she added.

Clement Tolzi, CEO of the Kenya Flower Council, said: “Flowers are part of the culture of many people, not just Kenya.

We sought to celebrate with the whole world our best product on this occasion.”

He added, "We performed Kenyan dance performances throughout Valentine's Day, as dancing is another aspect of celebration and expression of joy, and is part of our culture."

• 80% of Kenya's flower exports are sold in the Netherlands auction.

Carol Kariki:

• “Flowers convey feelings, especially love, but they play a dual role in Kenya.”

Clement Tolzi:

• “We sought to celebrate with the whole world the best product we have on this occasion.”

Gus Wind Buddy:

• “We give our thanks in red, through Kenyan roses, to prove our identity at Expo 2020 Dubai.”

Romance Bank

On the sidelines of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14, the Slovak pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai chose to celebrate this special day in its own way, as the pavilion organized an exhibition that simulates the exhibition held in the unique love bank for which Slovakia is famous, a vault dedicated To keep the collectibles of lovers in it.

The pavilion offers visitors to Expo Dubai a unique interactive experience that allows them to deposit symbols of their love in the folds of the famous bank of love, such as their wedding rings, pictures of their children, romantic messages exchanged between them, or even pictures of their pets, and any of the cherished collectibles that remind of love and express About the feelings of lovers towards each other.