President Biden of the United States held a telephone parley with President Zelensky of Ukraine over the ongoing tension in Ukraine, and reaffirmed that if Russia embarks on an invasion, it will take prompt and decisive action with its allies.

On the 13th, US President Joe Biden held a telephone talk with Ukraine's President Zelensky for nearly an hour to discuss the tense local situation in which large-scale Russian troops are deploying on the border with Ukraine and other countries.

The White House in the United States issued a statement after the meeting, "reaffirming our determination to preserve Ukraine's sovereignty and territory. If Russia launches an attack on Ukraine, the United States will swiftly and resolutely with its allies and friends. We will respond by responding. "

On that basis, he said, "The two leaders agreed on the importance of continuing diplomacy and deterrence against the strengthening of Russian troops in the border area," and will continue to aim for a solution through diplomacy.

In addition, President Biden has emphasized that the United States and Russia and the member states of NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization will not decide things about the situation in Ukraine for a long time, and at the meeting on that day, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin the day before. It seems that he shared the contents of the telephone talk with President Putinsky.

US National Security Adviser "Russian Army has good potential for large-scale military action"

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, National Security Adviser Sullivan, who is in charge of security policy at the White House in the United States, appeared on CNN TV on the 13th, saying, "If you see the expansion of Russian troops and the deployment of troops, you will soon take a large-scale military action. There is plenty of potential, "he reiterated that the situation is tense.

"It will start with a mass missile and bomb attack, after which ground troops will invade across the border," he said of the scenario of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

He added, "I don't know what President Putin is thinking or trying to do, but the United States is ready to continue diplomacy. But if Russia moves things forward, it will unite with its allies and friends. I am ready to respond with such an attitude, "he warned that he would respond with strict sanctions.

On the other hand, last week, he called on Americans in Ukraine to evacuate within 48 hours, and after that, he said, "Americans should evacuate while civilian aircraft continue to operate." I called.

"We are ready to evacuate everyone if necessary," he said of ordering most of the staff at the US Embassy in Ukraine to evacuate.

Request to visit President Biden of the Ukrainian Presidential Office

The Office of the President of Ukraine issued a statement on the 13th, saying that President Zelensky thanked the United States for its support so far in a telephone conversation with President Biden of the United States.

"I am confident that if President Biden visits the capital Kiev within the next few days, it will be a powerful signal for tension relief," he said. He revealed that he had requested the president to visit Ukraine.

However, the statement does not mention whether President Biden has responded to the request.