In a territory very marked by the Covid crisis, and still under a state of health emergency and under curfew, the candidate, credited with 1.5 to 3% in the polls, only gathered around a hundred people. , mostly socialists.

She urged them to "not be brainwashed by those who say the chips are down" in this election.

"Politics is not just about clicking, it's about meeting, it's about exchanging, about looking," she insisted.

The candidate, who had visited a few hours earlier in Pointe-à-Pitre the Memorial Act, the Caribbean center for expression and memory of the slave trade and slavery, recalled that the history of Guadeloupe was marked " by the slave trade, slavery, and the need to fight".

"You have an incredible strength which enriches the French Republic", she told them, adding: "At this time when questions of identity occupy the debates, the Overseas Territories are sentinels and antibodies in relation to which is undermining our republic".

She regretted that "these last five years have widened inequalities, the climate debt", and, she regretted, "we have entered a situation where violence is everywhere".

Recalling that in Guadeloupe, the protests against the vaccination obligation led to the aggression of the director of the Hospital Center (CHU), she castigated that "a presidential candidate" traveling to Guadeloupe, - in this case Jean-Luc Mélenchon-, "did not even find the time to go see this director to say + this violence I condemn it +".

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