Yemeni forces continue to mop up Haradh and advance on the road between Hajjah and Saada

The southern and western fronts of Haradh district witnessed the fiercest battles at dawn today, between the forces of the "Happy Yemen Brigades" backed by the forces of the Fifth Military Region on the one hand, and the terrorist Houthi militia on the other hand, as part of the process of storming the center of the city of Haradh, where Houthi and foreign members, leaders and experts are holed up.

Field sources confirmed that the forces continued to advance towards the city center, despite the trenches, tunnels, snipers and mines that were widely spread in the city’s neighborhoods, where large numbers of the besieged elements who refused to surrender, including a number of snipers, were killed and wounded.

The battles of the past ten days in Haradh and Saada, left more than 600 Houthis dead, hundreds injured and a number of prisoners, while more than 22 Houthi combat vehicles were destroyed, including tanks, Katyusha rocket launchers, armed transport vehicles, equipment and ammunition, according to the sources, noting that Houthi reinforcements are continuing to be sent. Despite the burners suffered by the previous reinforcements.

The sources pointed out that Musharraf and the leader of the Haradh al-Houthi front, Yahya Muhammad al-Marani, nicknamed "Abu Yazid", was killed along with a number of his companions on the Haradh front, while groups of 16 Houthi militias that tried to break the siege on their elements in the city center were exterminated.

The Yemeni forces, backed by coalition fighters, were able to liberate the first villages of the Mastaba district adjacent to the Haradh district, according to field sources, confirming control of the Hamra village of Mastaba, and imposing fire control over a number of Tabab in the village.

In Saada, the forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades, participating in the recently launched operation to liberate the governorate, continued their advance in the axes of the districts of Baqim, Kuttab, and Al Malahit in Al Zaher, and managed, today, to cut off the road linking Saada and Haradh in Hajjah Governorate, in the Al Malahit front in the Directorate Apparent, and advanced towards the junction Al-Maraziq.

In the same axis, the Special Forces continued their advance towards the Maran Obstacle, between the districts of Haidan and Al Dhaher, with the continuation of violent battles against the Houthi militia, which sent reinforcements from three provinces to Maran to defend it as the birthplace of its leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi.

Field sources confirmed the participation of the coalition’s Apache fighters in the battles on the Saada fronts, in a qualitative development that greatly facilitates the forces’ advance in the theater of combat operations, as they demolished sites and destroyed Houthi vehicles in the Al-Wajrah area in the Kitaf District.

In the Baqim axis, the Yemeni forces, with the support of coalition helicopters, continued to secure the liberated sites and gates in the district, including Tabab Abu Ali and the Bab al-Hadid area, while continuing to confront the militias' attempts to restore them, as several Houthi infiltration attempts were thwarted during the past 24 years, which incurred heavy losses.

In Sanaa, a number of prominent Houthi leaders were killed and others wounded, in the Arab coalition's raids, which affected a meeting of them at the Military Academy on Airport Street at dawn today, Saturday, according to informed sources, confirming that the meeting was targeted by four consecutive raids, which led to the death and injury of a number of Houthi leaders.

According to the sources, ambulances and militia vehicles rushed to the area and transported the dead and injured leaders to Al-Mutawakel Hospital, Police Hospital, and 48 Military Hospital, and imposed a security cordon on the hospitals, confirming that the leaders are from the first row of the group.

The coalition fighters had launched a series of raids on legitimate Houthi sites and targets in Sanaa and other areas, including Al-Haras School, Al-Daylami Base and the Military Academy north of Sanaa, Al-Sabaha area in the west, and Jarban in Sanhan in the south.

According to local sources, the raids destroyed an operations room and a ballistic missile launcher in Bani Matar, west of Sanaa.

The Arab coalition announced late yesterday evening the start of a military operation in Sanaa in response to the threats, and called on civilians not to approach the targeted sites.

In Amran, north of Sanaa, coalition fighters destroyed two ballistic missiles in the Ashmore area, after they were transferred from the courtyard of Amran University, in an operation described as qualitative and accurate, confirming the extent of the process of penetration into the ranks of the militias by the Arab coalition.

In Marib, the liberation operations continued on the northwestern front and the southern front of the city of Ma’rib, in which positions were secured in Wadi al-Jufra, which passes through the districts of Madghal and Majzar, towards the al-Jawf and al-Jadaan junction in the northwest, and battles continued between the two sides in the desert of the Rumaili axis in the southern front.

Field sources confirmed the downing of two drones launched by the Houthi militia towards the locations of the forces and tribes in Harib and Juba.

For its part, the Yemeni army’s deputy, Brigadier General Abdo Majali, confirmed the completion of control of the important crossroads linking the Harib district and the Abdiya district, and the Al-Jufra and Al Abu Ghanem areas in the Abdiya district were liberated, as well as the liberation of the entire Al-Faliha district, and important and ruling sites in the Al-Amoud, Laza and Al-Bour districts in the district. Al-Juba, south of Ma'rib.

On the other hand, the coalition fighters continued to launch their air raids in support of the Yemeni forces, targeting Houthi militia sites, targets, fortifications and combat mechanisms in the districts of Mudaghl, al-Juba and Sirwah in Marib, Baqim, Kataf and Munabbih in Saada, and the vicinity of Haradh, Abs and Mastaba in Hajjah.

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