China News Service, February 12. According to foreign media reports, US President Biden signed an executive order on the 11th to thaw about $7 billion in Afghan assets currently frozen in the United States, of which $3.5 billion will remain in the United States to compensate "9". The victims of the 11" terrorist attack, another 3.5 billion US dollars will be established as a trust fund, which will be distributed through humanitarian organizations to help the Afghan people.

Banks and markets reopen after the Afghan Taliban took over in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 4, 2021.

The picture shows people exchanging banknotes at the money market.

  The Associated Press said the funds would not be released immediately at this time.

Although Biden asked the bank to give $3.5 billion of the frozen amount to a trust fund to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

But the U.S. government is still working out the details of setting up the trust fund, a work the White House said could take months.

  The remaining $3.5 billion will remain in the United States to fund lawsuits for victims of the 9/11 attacks in the United States, which are still pending in court.

  In mid-August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan, and the US military hastily completed the withdrawal.

The U.S. government announced at the time that it would freeze about $9.5 billion in assets stored overseas by the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

About $7 billion of that is stored in the United States, with the rest in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland, among others.

  For months, the Taliban have been demanding that the United States unfreeze Afghan assets.

In response to the U.S. thawing plan, Mohammad Naim, a spokesman for the Taliban Political Office in Afghanistan, responded that the U.S. decision was an act of theft and a manifestation of moral depravity.

  In 2001, the "9.11" terrorist attack in the United States shocked the world. The US government believes that the "Al Qaeda" organization headed by bin Laden is the culprit behind the terrorist attack.

On October 7 of the same year, the United States launched the war in Afghanistan.