Foreign Minister Hayashi met with Foreign Minister Payne in Australia, where he visited, to further deepen the security and defense cooperation between the two countries with China and other countries in mind, and to compile a new joint declaration on security cooperation. I confirmed the policy to hurry.

The meeting between Foreign Minister Hayashi and Australia's Foreign Minister Payne was held for about an hour on the morning of the 12th, and the security environment surrounding the two countries is becoming more severe with China and other countries strengthening their marine expansion in mind. We agreed to further deepen cooperation in terms of defense and defense.

Then, in addition to rushing to compile a new joint declaration on security cooperation announced by the leaders of both countries last month, the Self-Defense Forces and the Australian Army will make arrangements in advance for joint training. We have confirmed that we will proceed with each domestic procedure toward the early entry into force of the Facilitation Agreement.

The two Foreign Ministers also agreed to cooperate in supporting the reconstruction of Tonga in the South Pacific, which was severely damaged by the eruption of a submarine volcano.

Foreign Minister Hayashi, who had been visiting Australia since the 11th to attend a foreign ministers' meeting with the United States, Australia, and India called the quad, completed a series of schedules and had a meeting with the three countries of Japan, the United States, and South Korea. Departed for the next destination, Hawaii, where the event will be held.