China News Service, Fuzhou, February 12 (Reporter Yan Xu) The 2022 Cross-Strait Folk Culture Festival kicked off on the 12th in Fuzhou Liangcuo Characteristic Historical and Cultural District.

  With the theme of "Folk Customs, Cross-Strait Blessing", the event involves hundreds of intangible cultural heritage (referred to as "intangible cultural heritage") projects. Six major events, including Ten Fu Welcome Guests, Cross-Strait Folk Customs Exhibition Hall, and Street Art Collection, will be set up on site. The functional area module shows the folk culture with the same root and the same origin on both sides of the strait.

  At the same time, this activity selected 7 restored ancient dwellings in the Liangcuo characteristic historical and cultural district as exhibition halls in the 6 districts and 6 counties of Fuzhou, the high-tech zone and Taiwan.

  At the launching ceremony, the relevant guests awarded plaques to representatives of the fifth batch of representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage in Fuzhou.

Taiwanese craftsman Huang Shoukun was selected into the "Representative Inheritor List of the Fifth Batch of Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Projects in Fuzhou" with the "Fuzhou Unborn Lacquer Artifact Decoration Project", and was also awarded the same day.

Figure Huang Shoukun and his lacquer works.

Photo by Lu Ming

  "Treasure island every year is full of cross-strait love, and every year Rongcheng is full of compatriots." Approaching the Taiwan Exhibition Hall of this folk culture festival, the couplets highlighting the love between Rongtai and Taiwan are particularly eye-catching, creating a festive atmosphere for the festival.

The museum focuses on displaying Taiwanese folk customs and handicrafts such as food crane boxing, wind lion master, paper cutting, etc., and promotes tourism and conducts live broadcasts to bring goods.

  Huang Shoukun brought an unfinished work.

In his hands, an old door panel was designed as a dry-brewing tea table, and the main part was filled with lacquer and polished, showing a mirror-like brightness and gorgeous color. He used lacquer art to write the red "Fu" in various fonts; The two parallel grooves used to embed the door latch are inlaid with cork, thus becoming an installation artwork combining cork painting, lacquer art and blessing culture.

  In 2017, Huang Shoukun came to Fuzhou from Taiwan and established Fujian Mushilian Culture and Art Co., Ltd. to carry out the restoration of lacquer works and the creation of comprehensive materials.

  "I hope to integrate the intangible cultural heritage craftsmen from both sides of the strait and build an 'intangible cultural heritage cultural and creative handicraft village' in Fuzhou." Huang Shoukun said that as a representative inheritor of Fuzhou's intangible cultural heritage, he must work harder to implement the responsibility of "inheritance".

  "Cross-strait One Family" special concerts of songs from Fujian and Taiwan, and reading activities on the theme of reading a book together on both sides of the strait, etc., make the love of the Taiwan Strait and the relationship between Rongtai and Taiwan become the main thread that runs through this folk custom event.

The Folk Culture Festival also set up a Matsu sub-venue, through the connection "cloud" to perform Mazu-specific folk programs such as "Place the House", "The Venerable White Horse" and "Marshal Tiandu".