1,500 drones dispatched over Kaohsiung Love River Bay to flatter Japan and Lithuania

  [Global Network Reporter Yin Yanhui Lin Zeyu] According to Taiwanese media reports such as "Central News Agency" and "New Head Shell", the Taiwan Lantern Festival premiered over Kaohsiung Aihewan at 9:45 p.m. on the 9th. For the first time, 1,500 drones were used for art performances. The performance is about 12 minutes long.

During the performance, in addition to the characteristic patterns of Taiwan, the so-called "international friends" heart-shaped national flags of Japan and Lithuania also appeared, with "THANK YOU" written on them.

It is worth noting that it seems that this lantern show has also been used by "Central News Agency" as a propaganda material for Japan. While attracting the Japanese people with the Japanese heart-shaped national flag, the ambition of "Taiwan independence" is revealed between the lines.

  According to the report, the show started with the music of the local Taiwanese heavy metal band "Flesh Juicer" by the "Tiger Lord" who exorcise evil spirits in folk beliefs. Then a huge whale appeared and floated in the air in the form of a Taiwanese island. The man-machine also transformed into an airplane, dropping the parachute containing the vaccine.

As for the heart-shaped flag that appeared next, the Kaohsiung City Government press release stated that it "symbolizes sincere thanks to international friends who have come to help overcome the test of the epidemic and Taiwan."

  The "New Head Shell" report claimed that in the face of the epidemic, Taiwan received "support" and "goodwill" from Japan, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, the United States, and the Czech Republic, and claimed that Taiwan Island radiates warmth, and the warmth of the world's citizens is also evident The heartbeat transmitted by the national flags symbolizes that Taiwan has become a part of the world's citizens.

  Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai announced on Facebook that Kaohsiung launched the first and largest demonstration of 1,500 drones in Taiwan's history, displaying the flag of the "anti-epidemic partner" with lights in the sky and "stimulating the heartbeat" in the night sky of Love River Bay.

In addition, he also thanked the "international friends" who worked together to fight the epidemic and donated vaccines in the past.

  It is worth mentioning that it seems that this drone show was also used by Taiwan's "Central News Agency" as a propaganda material for Japan.

The Japanese version of "Central News Agency" published a report on the 10th entitled "Taiwan Kaohsiung expresses its gratitude to Japan with a heart-shaped Hinomaru (Japanese flag), and 1,500 drones light up the night sky." and the heart-shaped national flags of six countries including Japan," to express gratitude for providing Taiwan with the new crown vaccine.

In addition, the Japanese version of "Central News Agency" without hesitation in the report described the so-called "blue sky, day and red" flag side by side with the national flags of Japan and other countries, calling it the so-called "national flag", revealing the ambition of "Taiwan independence".

  In the 12-minute-long performance, the heart-shaped Japanese flag only appeared for a few seconds, but the report of the "attentive service" in the Japanese version of "Central News Agency" (for Japanese readers) emphasized this part, and it seemed to be favored by some Japanese netizens. feedback.

Some people commented: "It feels heartwarming... I should get along with 'pro-Japanese' Taiwan. If I were a politician I would do it..." "I want to go to the scene to see for myself.. ...."etc.

  On the other hand, in the comment column of the Japanese version of "Central News Agency", some netizens also left a message saying: "The heart of a slave will live forever!"

  In response to this, some netizens on the island also poured cold water. Some netizens said, "It's boring and rotten activities, social welfare subsidies should be enough, disability allowance is 30,000 yuan per month, and low-income households can receive 100,000 yuan per month. , and let there be no homeless people begging on the streets, this is the most realistic! In advanced countries such as France, Europe, and other advanced countries, others receive more subsidies than work salaries, so the people are very happy!”

  Others said, "With less knowledge, confidence is bursting."