The government has changed the basic policy for dealing with the new coronavirus, and has decided to incorporate new infection control measures based on the characteristics of Omicron strains in response to the recommendations of the government's subcommittee.

Characteristics of Omicron strain

In the proposed change of the basic coping policy, the characteristic of Omicron strain is that "small flying in places with poor ventilation = many infections due to aerosols make it easier for children to get infected, in addition to infection at schools. , There are cases where the infection spreads in the home after being taken home. "

In addition, "Although it has been suggested that it may be less likely to become severe compared to the conventional Delta strain, in people with underlying diseases, mainly elderly people, cases where the underlying disease worsens due to infection with the Omicron strain. Is occurring a lot. "

Infection control measures based on characteristics

In addition, as infection control measures based on these characteristics, eating and drinking should be based on "silent eating" with as few people as possible, wearing masks thoroughly during conversation, and in situations and places where there is a high risk of infection. We demand that you avoid going out, and that you should ventilate regularly and wash your hands frequently even at home.

At schools, etc., we basically refrain from conducting educational activities with a particularly high risk of infection, and will carefully consider implementing them in areas where infection has not spread.

On the other hand, before closing the entire school temporarily, we will take measures that combine staggered school attendance, distributed school attendance, and online learning, and will carefully consider the temporary closure of the entire school where no infected people have occurred.

In principle, nursery schools request the opening of nursery schools in order to maintain their social functions, and if they are closed, they will maintain their local childcare functions by securing alternative childcare.

In addition, avoid activities with a high risk of infection, divide children into groups of as few people as possible, and provide childcare in a way that does not spread the infection, and hold events with a large number of people, including postponement of events in which parents participate. I am trying to refrain from doing so.

Regarding the wearing of masks for children in nursery schools, we recommend that children under the age of 2 be worn temporarily as much as possible, but not for children who are judged to be able to wear them reasonably due to their growth situation.

In addition, for young children, we are requesting a particularly careful response, and we will operate it appropriately so that we do not require them to wear it uniformly or force it substantially against the intentions of children and parents. I'm trying to connect.

Regarding facilities for the elderly, the third vaccination will be promptly implemented, and the system will be strengthened by dispatching doctors and nurses so that users can be accepted early when they recover and are discharged from the hospital. is.

In addition, in order to prevent infection from visitors, we will consider measures including online visits in areas where infection is spreading.

We are also requesting businesses to set targets for reducing the number of employees who go to work by utilizing telework ahead of schedule, and to proceed with confirmation of BCP = business continuity plan.

Third vaccination

Regarding the third vaccination, aiming to accelerate to 1 million times a day as soon as possible this month, we will promote the distribution of vaccination tickets, increase the number of vaccination venues, and actively utilize occupational vaccination. increase.

In addition to advancing the inoculation of the elderly, if there is a vacancy in the reservation, as many ordinary people as possible will be further advanced, and the so-called "essential worker" will be given priority inoculation at the discretion of the local government. ..

Antigen qualitative test kit

Regarding antigen qualitative test kits that are in short supply, the government will guarantee the purchase, request an urgent increase in production and import, and create a distribution flow according to the priority, and make every effort to secure it. is.

Medical care provision system

Regarding the medical care provision system, the national government and prefectures will collaborate to add new temporary medical facilities and strengthen the system assuming the acceptance of elderly people.

Waiting period for close contacts

In addition, the waiting period at home, etc., which is required of close contacts, has been shortened to 7 days from the later of the day of onset of the infected person or the day of taking infection control measures in the home where there is constant contact. Will also be included.