The best-selling "passport" and the "pin" and gold medals are on the list

The "Expo Dubai" visitor's companion... soars to the fore

  • A wide range of products are included in the Expo stores.

    Photography: Patrick Castillo

  • Ronnie Khoury: "The Expo passport is a registered trademark of the event, and adults and children seek to acquire it as a memory that records the pavilions they visited."


The director of the official store at "Expo 2020 Dubai", Ronnie Khoury, confirmed that the Expo passport, which is a companion for visitors to the international exhibition, is still leading sales, as it is the product most requested by guests, noting that passport sales are expected to achieve a record with The exhibition ends on the 31st of next March.

He added that the sales outlets at Expo 2020 Dubai are witnessing a high turnout of visitors to purchase goods and souvenirs bearing the logo of the global event, which is an addition to the visitor's experience, and provides a wide variety of products that suit different tastes, through 13 stores, five kiosks for sale, and 18 separate cart.

Khoury explained to "Emirates Today": "The Expo passport is the best-selling product, which comes on the top list, as its sales exceeded one million pieces, and it is a registered mark of the event, and adults and children seek to acquire it as a memory that records the pavilions they visited.

Of course, sales of the passport were accompanied by other accessories, such as the passport bag, and the hanging tape.”

history and present

The Expo passport consists of 50 pages, in a cheerful yellow color, and combines the history of the United Arab Emirates with its modern present, and is one of the best-selling souvenirs at the site of the international event, as it encourages visitors to discover the largest possible number of pavilions, to obtain the seals of each pavilion. They can also recall their experiences after their visit.

The design of the Dubai Expo Pass was inspired by the heritage of the UAE, linking the past and the present, and it looks like an official passport, and its pages contain designs and pictures of the three thematic pavilions (The World of Opportunities - Opportunity Pavilion, Alef - Mobility Pavilion, and Tira - Sustainability Pavilion), in addition to an arena Al Wasl - the beating heart of the Expo site - as well as other landmarks in Dubai and the UAE.

Ranking of centers

Khoury stated that he came in second place for sales in the souvenir segment, the golden Expo logo pin, which VIPs were keen to wear, and although it quickly ran out in all outlets on the site, the organizers were keen to provide it to return to the stores again.

On the other hand, gold medals bearing the Expo logo come in third place, which is also witnessing a large turnout of visitors, while the Opti robot won great fame and interaction by visitors, and the robot figure succeeded in being among the best-selling products in the official stores of "Expo 2020". Especially with the wide range of products it embodies, which range from toys, key chains, sweaters, magnetic pins, and hats.

Khoury explained, "The visitors to (Expo 2020 Dubai) recorded a great demand for the luxurious set of candles, which are available in four different scents, namely coffee, oud, ginger with red saffron, and orchid fragrance, as this collection is inspired by the landscape and attracts guests in a remarkable way."

He stated that among the products that achieved popularity among visitors was a group of camel milk soap products, which were considered among the most famous souvenirs, especially among international visitors to Expo 2020, as soap products are available with the scent of jasmine and spices, in addition to musk and mukhallat perfumes that reflect Emirati culture and traditions.

good luck egyptian

Last January, Expo 2020 Dubai announced the sale of one million passports, as the visitor Islam Fadi (Egyptian) was the lucky one, as he bought the “million” passport during his first visit with his small family to the “Expo”, and Islam, the resident In Dubai seven years ago, a certificate proving that he had purchased the distinguished passport.

• 50 pages, which make up the Expo Passport, in its cheerful yellow colour.

• The passport encourages visitors to discover the largest possible number of pavilions, in order to obtain the seals of each of them.

• Passport sales are expected to reach a record high by the end of the exhibition on March 31st.