After more than two years of a “mega forced break” caused by the pandemic, Messe Frankfurt is planning some changes to its consumer goods fairs.

The Ambiente spring fair in February 2023 will be combined with the previous January fairs Paper, Christmas and Creativeworld.

In the course of this, the trade fair for everything to do with paper is dissolved.

Exhibitors for all products related to private and professional writing and organizing papers will find their place, for example, in the new Working theme segment, the fourth theme of Ambiente.

Manufacturers of wrapping paper would find themselves in the Giving department and those of seasonal items in Christmasworld, while everything to do with the creative use of paper is located in Creativeworld.

Patricia Andreae

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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This will create a new platform for the global consumer goods industry, said Detlef Braun, Managing Director responsible for this sector.

In addition to this trade fair appearance from February 3rd to 7th, there will also be a smaller consumer goods show at the Frankfurt exhibition center for the first time in autumn 2023 - "a new, regionally related design and lifestyle offer".

After various changes at the once so important spring and autumn trade fairs, there are again two dates in the Frankfurt trade fair calendar for topics related to household, lifestyle and hobbies, but also work.

Because in addition to Dining, Living and Giving, Ambiente has a new field with Working.

It should take into account the "increasing connection between home and office", as Braun said.

According to the head of the new trade fair cosmos, Philipp Ferger,

desks and lights as well as offers for the processing of printer cartridges are also shown there.

With which the trade fair is expanding its range of topics and thus also the number of possible exhibitors.

"Establishment of innovative formats at the location"

At the same time, this "one-stop solution" should make it more attractive for exhibitors and buyers to come to Frankfurt.

This takes account of the trend that there will probably be less travel even after the pandemic - although surveys by the trade fair show that there is great interest in personal encounters.

Nevertheless, the newly designed trade fairs should also be accessible to those who do not come to Frankfurt.

The trade fair provides its digital platforms for this purpose.

After initial talks, however, Braun and Ferger were confident that there would be great international interest in finding out about the trends in one place.

"By establishing innovative formats at the location and internationally, we create growth opportunities, provide orientation and security in volatile times and actively help shape a global industry in transition," said Braun.

In this way, the trade fair also fulfills its task as a business promoter for Frankfurt and the region.

Overall, the number of event days in Frankfurt will not decrease.