Breaking into a new world in the Greater Bay Area (the general secretary and I shook hands)

——Revisiting Hong Kong youth Chen Sheng, who started a business in Shenzhen

  Practice has proved that the path of reform and opening up is correct, and it must be consistent, persevering and persistent.

Shenzhen should solidly promote the construction of Qianhai, come up with more pragmatic and innovative reform measures, explore more replicable and popularized experiences, deepen Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, draw on each other and complement each other. Play a bigger role in the construction of the Bay Area and high-level participation in international cooperation.

  ——Xi Jinping

  By the Shenzhen Bay, the sky is clear and the air is clear.

In Qianhai Stone Park, the giant yellow wax stone in the shape of "sail set sail" stands on the blue seaside.

  Every time he comes here, Hong Kong youth Chen Sheng will stand on the edge of the stone and look far into the distance.

Recalling the scene of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection in Guangdong in 2018, Chen Sheng is always excited.

  "On October 24, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Area of ​​Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone to inspect the development of Qianhai on the spot. The General Secretary shook hands with us one by one and talked cordially, and let us start a business in the Greater Bay Area. I am confident. Looking back at the words of the general secretary, it has a great inspiration for our entrepreneurial development direction." Chen Sheng said, "We will keep in mind the general secretary's entrustment, live up to the times, and strive to break new ground in the tide of construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. ."

DreamWorks is where dreams come true

  Not far from Qianhai Stone Park, next to the "Menghai Station" of Shenzhen Metro Line 9, there are 8 buildings with unique shapes.

Looking down from the air, it looks like a traditional "dream" character. This is the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop, which is called "the place where dreams begin" by many Hong Kong youths.

  "General Secretary Xi Jinping is particularly concerned about our young people. As a representative of Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth, I report to the General Secretary about my entrepreneurial situation in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth DreamWorks. The General Secretary said that DreamWorks is a place where dreams are realized. This allows each of us entrepreneurs. I am very excited." Chen Sheng said that General Secretary Xi Jinping was kind and amiable, and affirmed and encouraged the development of our Hong Kong youth in Shenzhen.

  In 2015, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Dream Workshop opened.

As the first group to settle in, Chen Sheng and his partners got the keys to the free office.

Qianhai Xuexue Technology Co., Ltd. established by Chen Sheng, whose main business is overseas supply chain management and matching, received the first round of financing of 50 million yuan in less than a year, and successfully hatched out of the district three years later.

  "We focus on improving the quality of services so that Hong Kong youth can enjoy more convenience when starting a business," said He Haihua, operation director of DreamWorks. The 18 service platforms in the park provide entrepreneurial teams with one-stop services such as investment, financing, and legal services.

  "This is a very suitable place for the dreams of young people in Hong Kong to take root." Chen Sheng often recalled the days when he first came to DreamWorks to start a business, "This is the place where my dreams come true."

  Today, many entrepreneurs like Chen Sheng have started from here and realized their entrepreneurial dreams.

Up to now, DreamWorks has incubated a total of 545 entrepreneurial teams, including more than 260 teams from Hong Kong and Macau.

More than half of the entrepreneurial team has obtained financing. According to preliminary statistics, more than 900 patents have been generated, and the overall revenue has exceeded 1 billion yuan.

Qianhai's model is feasible

  "In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Qianhai and delivered an important speech, which attracted great attention from all walks of life in Hong Kong. For a time, 'Qianhai' became a hot word in discussions among our colleagues, and it also planted the seeds of entrepreneurship in my heart. "In that year, Chen Sheng and his friends founded a human resources training consultancy company in Hong Kong, and frequently traveled between the mainland and Hong Kong. Shenzhen became the city where he stayed the longest.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping asked Qianhai to "rely on Hong Kong, serve the mainland, and face the world".

"I only thought of coming to Qianhai when I saw this sentence." Chen Sheng clearly remembered that when he first arrived in Qianhai, there was still a large construction site around, and there were only two roads, and the traffic was inconvenient.

  The muddy tidal flats in the past are now full of high-rise buildings and a bustling city.

Chen Sheng witnessed the rapid changes here, "Qianhai is really the same every year".

The data shows that: the total economic volume has reached the order of 100 billion and continues to increase; the cumulative registered Hong Kong-funded enterprises exceed 11,000; the cumulative launch of 645 institutional innovation achievements, and 65 are replicated and promoted nationwide... Qianhai, this "due to Shenzhen and Hong Kong" The cooperation zone, born from cooperation and prospered by cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, is striding forward and has gradually become a hot spot for young people in Hong Kong to innovate and start businesses.

  "In front of Qianhai Stone that day, General Secretary Xi Jinping had a cordial exchange with us. The General Secretary was sincere and sincere. He not only talked about the historical background of reform and opening up and the development of Qianhai, but also the significance of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation. The General Secretary told us that the former Hai's model is feasible, and we need to develop a batch of replicable and generalizable experience and promote it to the whole country."

  "For us young people in Hong Kong, this is a vivid lesson on national conditions. The general secretary cares about our young people in Hong Kong and helps us point out the direction of development, so that we can walk more firmly on the road of entrepreneurship." Chen Sheng said.

  In 2018, Chen Sheng went to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study for a master's degree.

"After listening to General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, I have a deeper understanding that our young people in Hong Kong are the direct beneficiaries of reform and opening up, and we must be active participants in reform and opening up." Chen Sheng found that many teams from Qianhai went out in Other places have also achieved good results. "While studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I understand the latest progress in the field of science and technology innovation, and at the same time, I have a deep understanding of the new needs of Hong Kong youth, and I hope to share my entrepreneurial experience accumulated in Qianhai with more people. people."

Youth is the future of the country

  Today, Chen Sheng has started a "second venture".

His goal this time is to provide professional navigation and incubation services for Hong Kong youths who start businesses in Shenzhen.

He named the company "Harbour", "I hope Hong Kong youth will embrace the Greater Bay Area, and I hope this will become their 'harbour'".

  "The general secretary said that youth is the future of the country. I want to pass on this responsibility and mission to more people." Chen Sheng took General Secretary Xi Jinping's words in his heart, and again and again strengthened his determination to serve young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

  Across the Shenzhen River, the world is wider.

This is the voice of many young people in Hong Kong.

In the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Science and Technology Park, the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone adjacent to the Shenzhen River, the "UNI Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship Space" founded by Chen Sheng has signed contracts to settle in more than 40 Hong Kong entrepreneurial teams, "I hope this is a stage that can achieve everyone's dreams. ".

  "Shenzhen and Hong Kong youths read a book together" is an activity that Chen Sheng is planning recently. "Reading is an important part of learning, and it is also a good way for Hong Kong youth to understand the motherland and integrate into the construction of the Greater Bay Area. Find resonance in reading together, collide with sparks of ideas, and promote mutual learning and common growth."

  Talking about the experience of starting a business over the years, Chen Sheng's answer was neat: "Pay attention to the latest policies in a timely manner, because this is the outlet." When the "Qianhai Plan" was introduced, he printed out the plan and studied it carefully; the Hong Kong SAR government promoted the northern metropolitan area Construction, he asked friends in Hong Kong to pick up brochures and send them to Shenzhen.

"I am paying attention to the content of the expansion of Qianhai, and new projects will be launched in Qianhai. At the same time, the northern metropolitan area is a major opportunity for Hong Kong's development. I hope to bring back the good experience and good model I learned in Shenzhen. Helping the development of science and technology innovation in Hong Kong." Speaking of future plans, Chen Sheng is full of confidence.

  Chen Sheng also has a bigger wish, "I hope to link the Hong Kong youth entrepreneurship bases in Luohu, Futian, Qianhai, Nanshan and other places along the Shenzhen River to form a chain, so that Hong Kong youths have more opportunities and choices. Today, Chen Sheng has participated in the construction of a number of youth entrepreneurship bases and has mentored more than 300 entrepreneurial teams. "Hong Kong youth are also from the Bay Area, and the Greater Bay Area can carry the grand dreams of Hong Kong youth."

  On the shore of Shenzhen Bay, the warm and humid sea breeze once again brushed the Qianhai Stone, and the skyscrapers next to it rose from the ground.

Keeping in mind the entrustment and dare to do it, Chen Sheng and his friends are constantly moving towards their dreams.

  Our reporter Cheng Longcheng Yuanzhou