U.S. media: Haitian PM was fired after prosecutors charged with conspiring to assassinate president

  The US media published an exclusive report on the 8th that Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri was involved in planning the assassination of the country's late President Jovenel Moise.

  According to a report by CNN on February 8, in the early morning of July 7, 2021 local time, the 53-year-old Haitian President Moise was assassinated in his official residence and was shot 12 times. in difficulty.

The Haitian judiciary's investigation into the president's assassination is still ongoing after identifying two suspects, but has stalled for months.

Earlier, according to the British "Guardian" report, a senior government official in Haiti said that the "big fish" who planned to assassinate Moise is still at large.

  CNN reported that the number one suspect previously identified by Haitian police and the organizer of the assassination was an anti-corruption official named Joseph Felix Badio (Joseph Felix Badio), who is still at large.

A preliminary police report from August last year showed that Prime Minister Ariel Henry had several phone calls with Badiou in the hours after the president's assassination.

  In early September last year, the then top prosecutor in Haiti, Bed-Ford Claude, made the evidence public and called for charges against Henry.

Henry, who declined to appear in court for questioning, later told CNN that he "didn't recall" such a call, saying the allegation was merely political.

  And on September 14, Claude and his boss, the then Haitian Attorney General, Rockfeller Vincent, who supported the investigation into Henry, were fired.

After being fired, Claude and Vincent reportedly called for Prime Minister Henry to resign over the phone with the "assassin".

  According to CNN, Moiz claimed on February 7, 2021 that his security forces had foiled an attempted coup, suspecting that he was being targeted by powerful political forces in the country.

On July 5 of the same year, Moise nominated Henry as Prime Minister.

On July 7, the president was assassinated, and Henry was not yet in office.

In mid-July, the embassies of the United States, France, the European Union and other countries in Haiti called on Henry to lead the country during the transition.

On July 20, Henry was officially sworn in as prime minister and acted as president of Haiti.

  In November 2021, Henry reshuffled his cabinet and appointed lawyer Berto Dorcé as justice minister.

Before the appointment, Dorsey and several other lawyers said in letters to the top prosecutor that Henry had executive privilege and should not be forced to answer questions about his alleged involvement in planning the assassination.

Dorsey was arrested in 1997 for drug trafficking, a charge he denied at the time, according to Haitian law enforcement sources.

  Since the assassination of the president, Haiti has once again been mired in a surge in gang crime.

Prime Minister Henry had previously pledged to crack down on gangs and called the investigation into the president's assassination a personal mission.

On January 1, 2022, Henry was also attacked by a local armed gang after participating in the celebration of the 218th anniversary of Haiti's independence.