Russian troops will begin joint military exercises with Belarus on the 10th in Belarus, which borders Ukraine.

Members of the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, such as the United States, are becoming more cautious that Russia may consolidate troops in the name of exercises and invade Ukraine.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense and others, the Russian and Belarus forces are planning to hold a joint military exercise "Alliance Determination 2022" in Belarus, which borders Ukraine, from the 10th to the 20th.

On the 9th, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video of the state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile system S400, which is said to have been transferred from the Eastern Military District, which has jurisdiction over the Far East region more than 9000 km away, arriving at the training site.

The Sukhoi Su-35 fighter has already arrived in Belarus, and it can be seen that military units are gathering from all over Russia.

"Russia and Belarus face an unprecedented threat," said Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian Presidential Administration, on the 9th, emphasizing that it was a defense against NATO.

Russian troops will be withdrawn from Belarus after the exercise, and President Putin has no plans to visit the exercise, spokesman Peskov said.

On the other hand, regarding the movement of the Russian army, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on the 3rd of this month that the size of the Russian army gathered in Belarus is expected to reach 30,000, "The largest unit since the Cold War period. We are developing it. "

In addition, Ukraine has also announced that it will conduct military exercises in Ukraine from the 10th, and it seems that there is also an aim to restrain the movement of the Russian army.

The distance from the southern border of Belarus to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is as close as 100 km, and Russia and others do not invade Ukraine from the border of Belarus by concentrating military troops in Belarus in the name of exercises. I am becoming more vigilant.

Both countries deepen their political ties

Russia and Belarus are of the same Slavic people and have close linguistic and cultural relationships, but their political ties have become even stronger these days.

In Belarus, large-scale protests blamed for fraud in the August presidential election, and calls for President Lukashenko's resignation increased.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin saved President Lukashenko from the predicament by providing large-scale economic support to Belarus, and Russia's presence as a backing became even greater.

Last November, President Putin and President Lukashenko agreed to strengthen cooperation not only in economics but also in security, such as approving a common military doctrine.

Regarding this joint military exercise, President Lukashenko said in a speech on the 28th of last month, "If Russia, which is in an alliance, is attacked, Belarus will participate in the war according to the agreement." I emphasized.

This time, the military exercises are in line with President Lukashenko, who is forced into political predicament in the country and is increasingly dependent on Russia, and President Putin, who wants to restrain the Western side by showing unity with friendly countries. It will be done.

Russian warships are gathering in the Black Sea

In Belarus, which is adjacent to northern Ukraine, Russian troops will start military exercises on the 10th, while in the Black Sea facing southern Ukraine, Russian ships are gathering to participate in the exercises.

The Russian Navy announced on the 26th of last month that the Black Sea Fleet had begun military exercises in the Black Sea, and from the 8th to the 9th of this month, a total of six amphibious ships belonging to the Northern Fleet and the Baltic Fleet also participated in the exercises. It means that you are entering the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Russian Navy claims that it is part of an exercise conducted in waters around the world, but it seems that there is also an aim to exert military pressure on Ukraine from the south side by gathering ships in the Black Sea.

White House Press Secretary accused of "increasing tension"

Saki, a spokesman for the White House in the United States, accused the Russian and Belarusian military exercises of a joint military exercise at a press conference on the 9th. Did.

He added, "Military exercises are of course a concern, but I have no intention of predicting what they mean in terms of whether the Russian army will invade." I avoided mentioning about.