China News Agency, Beijing, February 9 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui and Li Jingze) Recently, a report issued by an Australian government agency revealed serious human rights problems in Australia.

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 9th that relevant Australians should take a good look at these reports, earnestly reflect on and seriously resolve their own riddled human rights issues.

  A reporter asked a question. The Productivity Commission, an investigative agency under the Australian government, recently released two reports, one is a special report on "Australian Prison Dilemma", and the other is a service report on the Australian judicial system in 2022.

The two reports pointed out that the high rate of imprisonment of Australian aborigines is behind a series of institutional problems such as racial discrimination in Australia and selective police enforcement.

What is your comment on this please?

  "I don't know, I'm startled." Zhao Lijian said that according to relevant reports issued by the Australian government's affiliates, Aboriginal people, Torres Islanders and other aboriginal people only account for 3.3% of Australia's total population, but those detained in 2020 Aboriginal people account for 29% of the prisoners in the country, and the proportion of prisoners in the Northern Territory of Australia is 84%. The prison rate of aboriginal people is 13 times that of non-Aboriginal people.

At least 474 Aboriginal people have died in custody over the past 30 years.

"These data fully expose the serious human rights problems in Australia."

  Zhao Lijian pointed out that in history, Australia has implemented a policy of genocide and assimilation against aboriginal people. 100,000 Aboriginal children were forcibly taken away from their families, and a large number of Aboriginal people were slaughtered and enslaved.

Today, the aborigines in Australia still suffer from serious unfair treatment in the fields of living conditions, law enforcement and justice.

Systemic discrimination against ethnic minorities in Australia is very serious, and hate crimes continue to spread.

In addition, Australia has set up offshore detention centers in third countries, and a large number of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers have been forcibly detained for a long time or even indefinitely, and their basic human rights have been seriously violated.

  "I have also cited many times that Australian soldiers illegally executed prisoners, tortured and killed civilians during overseas military operations in Afghanistan, and committed serious war crimes, but they are still at large." Zhao Lijian said that for a long time, Australia has turned a blind eye to its own problems, but instead A self-proclaimed "model student of human rights", based on rumors and lies, he pointed fingers at the human rights situation of other countries, and blatantly engaged in double standards.

Relevant persons on the Australian side should take a good look at these reports, earnestly reflect on and seriously resolve their own human rights problems that are riddled with holes.