With heroes who are not on the list of celebrities and a new story that carries a lot of suspense, excitement and mystery, the new series, produced by the Netflix network, “Archive 81” managed to top the lists of the most watched in the world after its presentation, and achieved surprising views, and the exciting also that he does not know Many Arab viewers believe that the heroine of the series, Dina Shehabi, is a Saudi actress.

Inspired by the podcast of the same name, "Archives 81" follows the story of young Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athey), a conservation expert and film archivist at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, who has an obsession with recreating things that seem impossible to recover, and whose passion leads him to a special mission. She takes him to the past, to be the only one who is familiar with a mysterious story over decades, which he reveals to us through 8 episodes full of excitement.

A mysterious man on a mysterious mission

Dan tends to be isolated and depressed, but that doesn't include his contact with his best friend Mark (Matt McGorry).

Dan's isolation and complete disappearance from social media add to his personality, which makes him the right man for a top-secret job offered to him by a mysterious businessman named Virgil Davenport (Martin Donovan) for $100,000.

His task, assigned to him by Davenport, is to restore a set of damaged video tapes dating back to the 1990s, filmed by a young woman named Melody Bendras (Dina Shehabi), and containing an oral recording of the residents of a strange, suspicious apartment complex, before it was destroyed in a fire. Mysterious, it is likely that the fire was staged rather than coincidence, leaving 13 people missing.

Archive 81 — The creators said they drew inspiration from films like The Shining, Suspiria, and Rosemary's Baby as well as iconic TV shows like The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Fringe to create a show that blends the thriller, horror, suspense and supernatural genres.

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Dan's job begins with the restoration of very fragile tapes, but he must work on them in a remote country house, and his structure adds a lot of excitement and horror to the story;

It's a brutal concrete structure filled with endless corridors and secret rooms, and in the middle of this remote house, Dan hooks Melody's ribbons and the adventure begins.

intertwined worlds

With the first tape, Melody identifies herself as a PhD student in socio-cultural anthropology at New York University, and begins recording her research project in 1994, which revolves around the lives stories of the residents of a building called "Visser" in the "East Village" neighborhood, which was built on the site of a palace It burned in 1920, and the residents follow a religious sect around which there are many suspicions and ambiguities.

Dan works hard to break the mystery of the Melody tapes, and the events of the two worlds intertwine: Dan's world, which becomes more mysterious as he delves into the tapes, and Melody's dreamy naive world, which she chooses by choosing a group of mysterious humans with their unfamiliar rituals in the hope of discovering them.

Later, the main reason for Melody's curiosity about this building appears, and during this trip, Dan reveals more about the residents and history of the building and the truth about the mysterious religious sect, and tries to get to know Melody more and relate to her.


The end of "Archive 81" holds a lot of suspense for viewers, but the details of the second season have not yet been revealed.

Commenting on this, actress Shehabi told Variety, "I don't know anything yet. They haven't given us any information at all. I have a lot of questions but the authors are very vague."

But she added, "The authors confirmed that they have a plan for the second season, and we are all waiting for Netflix to tell us if there is a second season," and expressed her eagerness for the new season, which she thinks will bring a lot of exciting things.

The Blair Witch Project + Midsommar + Frequency = Archive 81

A terrifying new series executive produced by James Wan that you won't want to watch at night.

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Written by writer Rebecca Sonnenstein, directed by Rebecca Thomas, and with the help of James Wan, director of the horror films "Saw" and "The Conjuring," the series' muted colors and faint, horrifying, nerve-racking sounds add to the gloomy and ominous atmosphere of the story, making More exciting events.

Shehab participated in the first part of the series "Jack Ryan", while Mamoudou Athey participated in the series "Sorry for Your Loss", and among other prominent characters was Ariana Neal as Jess.