At the end of January, Gérald Darmanin evoked a “historic” balance sheet.

Ninety-six tons of cannabis, 23 tons of cocaine and 1.2 tons of heroin were intercepted in 2021, in France.

Behind these results of the fight against drugs: the (sad) "power" of the port of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) where more than ten tons of "coke" were seized last year.

According to information from France Inter, the specialized interregional jurisdiction of Lille (North) had opened, in 2021, 24 cases of offenses against narcotics legislation concerning the Norman port.

Analysis of public radio?

“With the periods of confinement, the closure of international airlines, land borders, only the cargo ports remained available.

Hence the need to find at all costs a way to smuggle cocaine, the production of which has increased sharply, particularly in Colombia, in recent years”.

And in 2022, the coke route still passes, more than ever, through Normandy!

For the month of January alone, more than 2.2 tonnes of cocaine were seized in Le Havre, "more than for the whole of 2019", calculated Le Monde, which quotes the boss of the judicial police of the city, "frightened", who explains that his team is working at the beginning of the year "on 50 cases".

“Highly structured criminal organizations”

The daily interviewed the director of the fight against fraud at the general directorate of customs who speaks of “very structured, very compartmentalized criminal organizations, where we find the codes of the mafia, including omerta.


Our file on drug trafficking

Since the beginning of the year, drugs have been discovered in containers from Chile, Brazil and even Saint-Martin.

The cocaine loaves were sometimes hidden in slate plates, sometimes in used tires, sometimes in bags of brewer's yeast, list Olivier Dusspot, Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, in a press release congratulating the customs, "the first narcotics seizure administration.

Miscellaneous facts

Le Havre: Six people in pre-trial detention after the seizure of more than a ton of cocaine

Miscellaneous facts

Le Havre: Customs discover a hundred kilos of cocaine in a truck

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