Beware of "minor" eye injuries in children can also lead to serious consequences

Post-injury children often experience mild or inaccurate symptoms, thus delaying treatment

  Changsha Evening News, February 8 (all media reporter Xu Yuan correspondent Li Yawen) During the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, the ophthalmology department of Hunan Children's Hospital treated many cases of children's eye trauma, including being stabbed by hard objects and injured by firecrackers.

Xiao Zhigang, chief physician of the Department of Ophthalmology of Hunan Children's Hospital, reminded that parents should pay attention to children's eye trauma. The structure of children's eyes is more delicate and special. Even seemingly minor trauma can cause serious consequences.

  Wenwen from Zhangjiajie was accidentally stabbed in the left eye by a wooden stick on the hand of a neighbor's child. At that time, there was bleeding from the eyelid, but the parents didn't care.

Unexpectedly, the next day, Wenwen developed tearing, redness, and a lot of eye discharge in his left eye. His parents rushed him to the local hospital, and he was urgently transferred to the Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital for treatment because of his serious injuries.

Wenwen suffered from corneal penetrating injury and traumatic cataract in his left eye. After emergency surgery, Wenwen's eyeball was saved. He will need cataract-related surgery, possibly corneal transplantation and intraocular lens implantation. The child entered the hospital. The long road to recovery.

  "There are many kinds of traumatic objects in children's eye injuries. Almost any item, such as straws, lollipops, A4 paper, etc., can become traumatic objects under certain circumstances." Xiao Zhigang reminded that children after injury often have mild symptoms. Or can't describe the discomfort correctly, especially in the case of unilateral trauma, even if the visual acuity of the traumatized eye is completely lost, the child can still see with the other uninjured eye, which is not easily noticed by the parents, thus delaying the treatment.

  When your child has an eye injury, it's important to deal with it.

Parents should not forcibly open their eyes to check if they do not know how to be injured.

Children should go to the hospital for examination immediately after the eyeball is traumatized to rule out eyeball rupture, lens dislocation, retinal shock, etc., so as to avoid the consequences of vision loss or even blindness.

When the injured child says that there is a "hot water" flowing out of the eye, and has eye pain and decreased vision, it should be considered that there is a perforation of the eyeball, and the injured eye should be immediately covered with a clean gauze and sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.