He continues to introduce the promising opportunities in the Kingdom through "District 2020"

The Saudi Pavilion .. Remains in the legacy of "Expo Dubai"

  • Hussein Hanbaza: “The exhibition’s slogan (Connecting Minds and Creating the Future) is of great importance, especially in light of the challenges that the pandemic has posed to the world.”


The Commissioner-General of the Saudi Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Hussein Hanbaza, confirmed that the pavilion will continue after the end of the international event, to work within “District 2020”, which is the legacy phase of “Expo Dubai”, as the pavilion will continue to introduce promising investment opportunities in line with the directions of the “Dubai” system. District 2020” based on innovation and technology.

He added that the "Invest in Saudi Arabia" forum, which was organized as part of the "Expo 2020" activities at the Dubai Exhibition Center, the day before yesterday, under the slogan "Investing in Quality of Life", aimed to introduce the participants in the international exhibition, including businessmen, visitors, delegates and officials from around the world. The Kingdom's efforts to open its doors to foreign investors and review promising sectors.

He pointed out that the pavilion contributes to introducing investors to the components and investment opportunities that the Kingdom enjoys, pointing out that more than 100 senior officials in many countries visited the pavilion and learned about those opportunities.

He revealed that the number of visitors to the pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai reached about three million.

He stated that the Saudi pavilion will organize an event at the "Expo Dubai" during the coming period to introduce the file of hosting the "Expo 2030" in Riyadh.

He said that "Expo 2020" is "one of the largest international exhibitions, and its slogan (Connecting Minds and Creating the Future) is of great importance, especially in light of the challenges that the pandemic has placed before the world, and despite the travel restrictions imposed by many countries on travel. However, (Expo 2020 Dubai) succeeded in attracting millions of visitors.”

The "Invest in Saudi Forum" sought to introduce investment opportunities in several sectors in the Kingdom, including: education and culture, tourism, sports, entertainment, communications and information technology, with the participation of a number of representatives of government agencies and companies.

The Director General of Strategy and Performance at the Saudi Ministry of Investment, Ahmed Al-Otaibi, said: "The importance of the forum comes in light of its being held during the activities of (Expo 2020 Dubai), which provided the opportunity to meet all participating countries and investors in one place," noting that the international exhibition facilitated the meeting of investors from Various nationalities to discuss and discuss investment opportunities in the Kingdom during the coming period.

Al-Otaibi explained that the National Investment Strategy is a roadmap to reach investment targets that focus on raising investments in both directions.

By 2030, we aim to reach the total volume of direct investment in the Kingdom (cumulative balance) to about 12.4 trillion riyals.

We also aim for foreign direct investment inflows to reach about 388 billion riyals, with a contribution rate of 5.7% to the GDP by 2030.”

• 100 senior officials from many countries visited the Kingdom's pavilion at the "Dubai Expo".

Bandar Al-Safir: Wonderful organization


The Director General of Emiratisation and Training at the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Safir, praised the wonderful organization and warm reception at “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which reflects the nature of the UAE, which receives delegations from more than 192 countries during this global event, despite the challenges of the Corona pandemic. .

He revealed opportunities to attract visitors to the Kingdom, whether in desert tourism or tourist destinations.

"The Saudi delegation visiting the UAE came to discuss investment opportunities and present the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in many vital sectors," he said, noting that the tourism sector aims to provide 100,000 jobs by the end of this year, reaching one million additional jobs within 10 years. To keep pace with "Vision 2030" in reducing unemployment levels, meeting the sector's needs of national cadres, and empowering Saudi youth.

On investment opportunities in the tourism sector, the ambassador stressed the Kingdom’s government’s interest in infrastructure, including hotels, resorts, institutes and schools, and entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in this vital sector, pointing to the unique diversity witnessed by the Kingdom’s weather in summer and winter, as well as excellence at the level of history, culture and cooking. The warm reception.

He explained that Saudi Arabia's openness to all cultures and nationalities is an inherent part of the kingdom's heritage that extends back nearly 300 years, noting a package of events and seasons of entertainment and cultural diversity, which can be viewed through the "Spirit of Saudi Arabia" application, which is an interactive platform under the supervision of the Saudi Tourism Authority. Through which one is introduced to the tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, the landmarks, activities and live festivals in the regions, as well as the different cultures in the Kingdom and the climate of Saudi Arabia.