“It is very convenient for Biden to use the topic of imposing sanctions, the topic that Nord Stream 2 will be completely stopped in the event of an “invasion”.

Because Russia is not going to attack Ukraine,” Danyuk said.

He explained that it is very beneficial for the American leader, and for the United States as a whole, to show that it was thanks to their efforts, their readiness and determination that the "attack" was not carried out.

The specialist also added that Biden is trying with all his might to rehabilitate himself for the story with Nord Stream 2.

“More recently, he, along with the White House, opposed the inclusion of sanctions on the project in the defense budget.

Not intending to spoil relations with the Germans, I removed the topic from the negotiation agenda, ”Daniuk recalled.

Now, as the analyst emphasized, the American leader is trying with all his might to look like a president who "in no case will give up even a millimeter from his convictions regarding Russia's mythical invasion of Ukraine."

Earlier, Biden said that in the event of a hypothetical “Russian invasion of Ukraine,” the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would “be put to an end.”