The IOC = International Olympic Committee is in Beijing with Peng Shuai, a women's tennis player, who allegedly confessed on SNS that President Bach had been forced to have a sexual relationship by the former Deputy Prime Minister of China on the 8th. It was revealed that he had watched the Olympic Games.

The IOC responded to NHK's interview by e-mail, and Chairman Bach held the ski freestyle women's big air final in Beijing on the 8th with several players including Peng Shuai. It is said that he watched the game.

During the live broadcast of the competition, the state-owned China Central Television reported for about 30 seconds that Chairman Bach was watching the game while chatting with a woman who seems to be a player.

However, the broadcast does not mention whether this woman is a 彭 player.

On the 7th, the IOC announced that President Bach had a meeting over Mr. Bach over dinner on the 5th of this month.

Mr. Peng said that he could not be contacted internationally after a document allegedly confessing that he was forced to have a sexual relationship by former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli of China was posted on SNS. There were a series of voices concerned about their safety.

It seems that the Chinese side wants to calm the situation by proactively appealing that Mr. Peng is safe through the Olympics.