A video of the crash of an American stealth fighter F-35C from an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea on the 24th of last month was leaked local time. 

Yesterday (7th), according to foreign media such as CNN, the US Department of Defense confirmed that the video of the F-35C fighter jet sank into the sea after leaving the aircraft carrier was authentic. 

In a video released on CNN and YouTube, the fighter was approaching the deck of the US Navy aircraft carrier 'Carvinson' and crashed without slowing down. 

In addition, scenes of a fighter jet spinning round and round the runway spouting flames after colliding with an aircraft carrier, and a column of water rising after crashing into the sea were also captured.

The crew of the aircraft carrier immediately rushed to the deck to fix the accident. 

As the fighter approaches the carrier, the crew of the Carl Vinson can be heard urgently shouting "Wave off! Wave off!"

'Wave off' is a signal to re-landing by raising the altitude again when it is difficult to land on the deck. 

Peter Layton, a researcher at the Griffiths Asia Research Institute, a former Australian Air Force officer, said about the appearance of the F-35C in the video, "When approaching an aircraft carrier, the wing maneuvering device moves excessively. seen," he analyzed. 

The U.S. Navy admitted that the video was an actual video of the scene at the time.

"We are investigating the cause of the crash as well as how the unauthorized video was leaked," said Lt. 

At the time of the accident, the pilot managed to make an emergency escape but was injured, and six sailors working on deck were also injured. 

The accident fighter is a naval version of the stealth fighter F-35, which was put into service in 2019, and this is the first time an accident has occurred.

The F-35C, which costs 100 million dollars (about 120 billion won) per unit, is equipped with many of the latest military technologies, so power leakage is inevitable if it falls into the hands of the enemy. 

In particular, as China is claiming sovereignty over the South China Sea, the area where the accident occurred, the US military is hastening its recovery operation. 

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(Photo = 'DroneScapes' YouTube, Twitter capture)