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With the approach of the festivities of the 70 years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II, whose birthday is February 6, the British are impatiently waiting to be able to celebrate the event with dignity. But beyond the party, this jubilee will be an opportunity for many Britons to express their gratitude for a lifetime of dedication.

This February 6 marks a historic date in the United Kingdom: the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II.

In 2015, she had already become the monarch having reigned the longest in the United Kingdom after beating the 63 years of reign of her ancestor Queen Victoria.

Elizabeth II acceded to the throne on February 6, 1952, following the sudden death of her father, King George VI.

It is therefore an anniversary tinged with sadness for the Queen who will spend this day of commemoration in private at her residence in Sandringham. 

"She is our mother to all"

But great festivities are planned for June 2 and 5 to celebrate this platinum jubilee.

Why in June?

Quite simply because the queen was not officially crowned until June 2, 1952. And so that everyone can be there, the English will benefit from two public holidays.

"We will never have this opportunity again, I do not think that we will again have a queen or a king who will reign for so long. She is our mother to all", explains playfully at the microphone of Europe 1, Rachel.

Accompanied by her daughter, this aficionados of the royal family would not miss the jubilee for anything in the world.

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Beyond the party, this jubilee will be an opportunity for many Britons to express their gratitude for a lifetime of dedication.

"At 95, I wouldn't want to continue working and doing everything she does", confides Valery at the microphone of Europe 1. "She has always put the country before herself, and that few people would do it. ."

"There is no one else like the queen"

But this historic anniversary is also experienced with a touch of concern by some English people.

The queen was indeed put to rest by her doctors in October and spent a night in the hospital for "preliminary" examinations, the nature of which has never been specified.

It has since considerably reduced its activities.

And if she appeared in public on the eve of her 70 years of reign, it does not seem likely to completely reassure her subjects.

“There is no one else like the queen, in all my life, I have only known her”, breathes Daniel, also in front of Windsor castle, “The idea of ​​​​losing her, the day where it happens, it will be really sad."