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No-commitment packages: 80 GB at only €6.99/month

For those who want to browse freely, Cdiscount Mobile is increasing operations on its non-binding plans until February 15.

Starting with one of the least expensive: normally at €7.99/month, the 8 GB mobile data package with 10 GB usable abroad continues to decline.

It is currently at €3.99/month for one year.

Cdiscount Mobile is also launching a new formula on its 80 GB package. A very good compromise between price and the amount of data, it is only €6.99/month for 12 months (then €14.99/month).

This good limited-time plan also includes 10 GB of mobile data usable in the EU and the overseas departments.

For large users, the operator finally extends its reduction on the 100 GB package. This is €8.99/month for 12 months, then €20.99/month.

This formula includes 10 GB of data that can be used in Europe and the overseas departments.

Whichever formula you choose, Cdiscount Mobile offers you unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

You will therefore have nothing more to plan, except the purchase of the SIM at 10€.

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Packages with smartphones: free iPhones, an iPhone 11 for less than €20

Until February 7, other good plans with commitment will be added.

The most interesting offer: the one concerning the iPhone 11. For any subscription to the 100 GB plan at €29.99/month with a 24-month commitment, the iPhone 11 is only €19.99.

With its 6.1" screen and its sensor capable of filming in 4K, this smartphone becomes infinitely more accessible.

Another possibility: with a 100 GB package at €24.99/month and a 24-month commitment, you can fall for the iPhone XR.

Already recognized for its battery endurance, the XR also packs a Bionic A12 chip offering excellent performance.

That's not all.

With this same 100 GB package, you can even choose to receive a free smartphone.

You will then have the choice between the Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung S9.

In both cases, you will receive a refurbished model in excellent condition, and your package will cost you only €16.99.

Thanks to these packages with commitment, your smartphone costs you much less.

But with refurbished phones, you are doing something for the environment.

The 100 GB package, for its part, will give you 13 GB of data that can be used abroad, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

Discover all the offers

With its non-binding packages and packages with mobile included, Cdiscount Mobile offers solutions for everyone, starting at just €3.99/month.

Please note: some solutions are only valid until February 7th.

You only have a few days to enjoy it.

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