China News Service, January 29. According to US media reports, on the 27th local time, a man was shot and killed by at least nine police officers on a highway in Nashville, Tennessee.

  According to the US "WTVF" report, the man was stopped by the police and asked to leave the road, but after a brief conversation, the man pushed the police away with a utility knife in his hand.

The police then called for help from other police officers, and several police officers rushed to the scene.

  About 30 minutes later, the man held a utility knife in his left hand and suddenly inserted his right hand into his pocket, making a movement.

Because of the man's quick action, nine police officers shot him immediately, and the man fell to the ground instantly and died after being taken to the hospital.

  Police said the man was holding a "silver shiny cylindrical object" in his right hand, but not a gun.

The case is still under investigation.