China News Service, January 29. According to Japanese media reports, officials of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 28th that in response to the tension in Ukraine, the department has decided to reduce the staff size of the embassy in Ukraine.

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that except for some staff responsible for protecting Japanese nationals, other employees will be evacuated.

Families of embassy staff have already begun to leave the country.

It is reported that the Japanese embassy in Ukraine has about 20 employees.

  On the 24th of this month, the Japanese government has been discussing the withdrawal of Japanese nationals, including relevant personnel from the local embassy.

The Japanese side said that the move was taken into account that the United States had ordered the family members of the country's embassy in Ukraine to leave Ukraine.

  Recently, the deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Russia has accelerated, and the two sides have deployed a large number of military personnel and equipment in the border areas of the two countries.

The United States, Ukraine and NATO allege that Russia has assembled a large number of troops near the eastern border of Ukraine and has the potential of "invasion".

Russia denies it, emphasizing that NATO activities threaten Russia's border security, and Russia has the right to mobilize troops within its borders to defend its territory.